Monday, October 7, 2013

Friday the 13th

Back in September when we actually had a Friday the 13th I wanted to watch one of the Friday the 13th movies to mark the occasion.  This was during my trip back to Cranbrook, so it didn't happen.  Then with Halloween approaching I thought why watch one Friday the 13th movie when I can watch all of the movies as a lead up to Halloween.

So that's pretty much what is happening.  In addition the heap of DVDs laying on my living room floor I'm also going to add the Friday the 13th series to the list starting with the first one all the way up to Jason X plus Freddy vs Jason as well.  I'm not going to bother the Friday the 13th remake/reboot because it sucked.  My goal is to watch all 11 films before Halloween, so stayed tuned to watch me fail.

I like that now it's fall and getting dark earlier meaning perfect for watching scary movies.  You can't watch a scary movie if it is still light outside.  That is a rule.  Last night we started the monumental Friday the 13th challenge and watched the first movie in the series.

The story goes back in 1958 two camp counsellors were killed at Camp Crystal Lake and since then the camp has been closed.  It's the present day aka 1980 and the camp is about to be re-opened and new counsellors are showing up to get the place in shape.  The local town crazy says the place is cursed and to stay away and the townspeople refer to it as Camp Blood.  Of course, people start disappearing(getting killed) one by one before the killer is revealed to be Pamela Vorhees who has gone cuckoo bananas over the death of her son, Jason who died back in 1957 due to the lack of supervision by some fornicating camp counsellors.

The first movie came out in 1980 and really kick started the whole teen slasher movie craze because everyone loves seeing teenagers get killed.  Even though Jason Vorshees hockey masked face is synonymous(that was a hard one to spell, thank you spell checker) with the series, here he only gets a cameo and his mother, Pamela Vorhees, is the real killer.  Unless you've lived under a rock then you're all aware of these movies, so spoilers are a non issue.

It's still a fun movie after all these years and a great start to the franchise.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the movies, except for maybe part V, but I said I would watch all the movies and I will.  I should issue a Halloween challenge to everyone else out there too.  Watch just one Friday the 13th movie before Halloween!

I asked Cody what his favourite kill was in the movie and he said "Kevin Bacon".  I asked him if it was the kill he liked or that fact that it was Kevin Bacon (getting killed) and he said, "A little of both."  Kevin Bacon's character is relaxing on the bottom of a bunk bed post-coitus when a hand reaches up from below him and grabs him and an arrow comes up from below the bed and goes through his body and comes out his throat.  RIP Kevin Bacon.

Since this was the first entry in the franchise the kills are all pretty standard apart from Kevin Bacon and my pick, the beheading of Mrs. Vorhees.  Of course, as the movies progressed the kills got more inventive and gruesome.

Getting a good screen capture of the head getting chopped off proved too difficult so I'll use a shot of Mrs. Vorhees right before she gets beheaded.  Fun fact, I had the same expression on my face after watching the surprise ending to another summer camp slasher movie, Sleepaway Camp(1983).  Right Cam?

 Damn you!

Right after getting her head chopped off, Mrs. Vorhees hands wave around a bit before she drops out of frame.  I thought it would be hilarious if one of her hands was flipping the bird.


Coming soon: Friday the 13th 2!


Cara said...

The next Friday the 13th is in December. You should take the day off and watch the entire series that day.

Keef said...

I think I'll book the next day off work and watch Saturday the 14th!