Thursday, October 31, 2013

Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter(1984)

I said I would watch all the Friday the 13th movies before Halloween and I did!  See, this one is called "The Final Chapter", so that's it I'm all done because this one is the final chapter.  I did it!!  Wait...what?  They actually made eight more films?  Dammit, can't we just say I did it?

The Final Chapter is the fourth in the series, not the final one, and maybe my favourite entry.  This one takes place directly after Part 3 as ambulances take away the bodies to the local hospital.  You know Jason isn't dead because if he was then the movie would be pretty short.  He "comes to" in the morgue and kills a couple hospital workers.

We're introduced to a family of three, a mother, daughter and son, living out in the woods of the Crystal Lake area (I assume).  We also see some teenagers headed out that way who happen to rent a house to party in for the weekend next to the family.

The kids stop on the way to check their map and happen to stop at cemetery that happens to be right beside the road and ten feet from the road is the grave site of Pamela Vorhees.   Ohhhh, that can't be good.

 I didn't know there was such a thing as fat hippie.

Her signs says "Canada and Love", I bet she was headed to Nelson, BC.

Take THAT "establishment"!

Jason has somehow made his way back "home" and this hippie is his next victim.  I'm not sure why I'm bothering to give you guys the "plot" because it's pretty flimsy.  The kids get to the cabin they meet a couple more girls, night falls, it starts raining, Jason starts killing everyone.  That's it!

A face only a mother could love?

Though the ending is a little similar to Part 2 where the girl pretends to be Jason's mother to distract him, in Part 4 Corey Feldman's character pretends to be a young Jason himself.  Corey Feldman's character is big into sci-fi/horror masks and make-up, so at the end he runs to the bathroom to cut his hair and give himself a quick Jason make over.  It works as it distracts Jason from killing his sister and Feldman ends up burying a machete into Jason's ugly mug.

My biggest complaint about the first movie was that the heroine kept knocking down Pamela Vorhees only to immediately run away.  This happened like three times and she kept getting up and coming after her.  Damn, if someone is trying to kill you make sure they aren't going to get back up to finish the job, you finish them off first.  After downing Jason, Feldman's character sees Jason's fingers twitching and flips the fuck out picking up the machete and going nuts hacking Jason's corpse repeatedly.  It was awesome and disturbing at the same time.

His mom got killed by a deformed pyscho, his dog ran away, so to protect himself and his sister he brutally butchered the killer with a machete.  I'm sure he'll be fine.

The Final Chapter is famous for a couple reasons, first Corey Feldman playing the kid and second for Crispin Glover's dance moves.  I was going to make an animated gif of his dance, but it wouldn't do it justice, so I just uploaded it to YouTube.  You have to see it to believe it.

That's it, the write up on The Final Chapter is done!  Crispin Glover wins!

Look at him, I bet he's coked out of mind in that shot.

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