Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I stopped by Crave today to get a cupcake and they had some orange Halloween style cupcakes with a skull gummies on them.  They were also putting Halloweeny gummies on their regular cupcakes too.

If you thought that was scary, then check this out!

That's an old timey picture of me and my brother at Halloween.  Those costumes are pretty crappy consisting of only basically plastic smocks/ponchos.  At least I got a cool Spider-Man rip off one though.  It does actually say "Spider-Man" on it, but I doubt it was licensed.  Back then before global warming it was -20C with two feet of snow on the ground at Halloween so you had to wear snow suits.  The snow suits kind of limited your Halloween costume choices.  You know, the more I look at that Spider-Man smock the radder it gets.

And tune in tomorrow night for something even scarier!!

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