Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I got back to Cranbrook this afternoon, so of course before I left on my drive I had to get gas.  Gas prices have been going down lately which is nice and yesterday I noticed gas was 108.9/L at Petro Can, the lowest it's been in a long time.  This morning I only worked a short shift, so I stopped to fill up my tank before I went home and packed up the car.  I pulled in to Petro Can and started pumping gas when I saw the price had gone up to 114.9/L!  Dammit, that is just my luck!  The price either goes up right before I need to get gas or goes down after I get gas.  Every. Single. Time.  Why does the world hate me so much?

I don't even bother going the south way on my drive back any more, I went north route on through the park/Radium.  As you know I stop in Radium to use the bathroom and stock up on Redbull and/or beef jerky.  I used the washroom at the gas station  and gas station washrooms and public washrooms in general always have some sort of graffiti in them.

This is the divider that blocks off the urinals from the door. Nothing too crude or rude on it, but it is kinda out there, so it would be pretty easy to get caught writing something on it.  The stall offers much more privacy for more detailed and expletive phrases, but there is no way I'm going in there.  Or you could just dumb it down.

Am I the only one who finds that funny?

Once I got home I unpacked the car and let the dog outside for a little while.

HAHAHAHA, what?!  Last time I was home Aspen had this huge baseball sized lump on her leg which is probably a bad thing.  They took her to the vet who did some tests to see if it was something more serious like cancer, but it was all clear.  The growth still had to be removed, so they did that and it left a pretty huge scar.  It has to heal properly, so she can't be licking it or whatever and since a lampshade type cone won't work she has to wear a t-shirt.  The sleeve covers up the stitches, so she can't lick it and acts as a barrier in cases it rub on something.  The whole looking hilarious thing is a just a bonus.  I should go see if I can find her a Hawaiian shirt at the thrift.  Or maybe put her in a black t-shirt, so from a distance it's not completely obvious she's wearing a t-shirt.

Not sure what I'll be doing while I'm back other than shopping for dog shirts, but I'll keep you posted.


Cam said...

If you can't find a Hawaiian shirt, just write "F-WORD!" on both sides of her white shirt.

Keef said...