Friday, October 18, 2013


If you remember last spring that Willie and I set out to film a short movie with the help of my phone and a FX app I got for.  Then after we had finished it turned out that we screwed up and there was big mix up in that we were pausing it when recording and unpausing when we though weren't were recording.  It was lame, I know.  But lesson learned!!

Last time I was back we had planned on meeting up and reshooting the entire thing, but it didn't work and nothing happened.  Today we actually got out and some stuff for an entirely different short movie.  The weather was good which was nice.  We double checked our footage to make sure we got what we needed.  Principle photography is wrapped, but tomorrow morning I need to go into town in the morning to shoot a couple establishing shots before it is completely finished.  Then comes the hard part of putting everything together.

I won't give away any plot details, but I'll give you a couple teaser images.

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