Monday, March 17, 2014

Ancient remains

At work right now they are renovating the entire store and the produce department got relocated to the middle of the store.  This meant that they also relocated their back warehouse area, prep area, and stock cooler.  After produce moved they started tearing down the old produce cooler to make room for a large dairy cooler.  While taking it down they found an old ghetto blaster that someone must've put on the roof of the cooler and then completely forgot about.

At the least the construction guys were nice enough to leaving it sitting out, so the rightful owner could claim it.  Since he hasn't worked at the store in like five or six years I decided I would take it home with me.

I thought it would just need a little cleaning up and it would be good as new.  Just a wipe with a rag and it would be good to go.  Upon closer inspection I decided it was a lost cause.

The amount of industrial cleaners, power washing, and sanitizers(!) required to clean up this boom box would surely render it unworkable.

I am still a bit curious if it would work as it is.


mike said...

I think I see the problem, it's on pause..

Keef said...

Oh, is that all?

mike said...

It's says it's got AC/DC built in- so it would probably just suck anyways..