Monday, March 3, 2014

Good news everyone!

  1. Cranbrook is getting a Dollar Tree!
  2. I forgot the second thing.
  3. The Gold Creek Store now sells fireworks!
I was down by Wal-Mart where there is that new building going in that will house Sport Check and it will also have a Dollar Tree.  They got the sign up on the front of the store, so I guess that makes it official.  If it's one thing Cranbrook needs it's another dollar store.  Dollar Tree is an American company and I'm pretty sure they also own Dollar Giant.  Dollarama still wins my vote in the end. 

There was something else I was going to talk about, but I totally forgot.

The Gold Creek Store has been closed for a while, even since the fall I think, but it's under new management now and open for business.  Logan said it was good and I should check it out, so I stopped in on my way home tonight.  They have fireworks!   They carry everything from sparkles all the way up to crates of fireworks.  Yes, you can buy a huge wooden crate full of fireworks all for the low low price of $650.  Stop by the Gold Creek Gold store to grab a 2L of milk, a  bag of chips, scratch ticket and a $650 crate of fireworks.  Why not?

In other news the roads around here vary from snow covered to crap.  53rd Street and my sister's street hasn't been plowed since it started snowing.  The snow is all cut up and the Matrix just floats around on it, you can't really steer, you just point it in a certain direction.  On my drive into town this afternoon I was turning the sharp corner by the old ANG building which now a COTR campus and I could totally feel the car sliding around.  I knew it was gonna be slippery, so I had slowed down quite a bit in advance.  The guy in the big 4X4 truck behind me wasn't thinking that far ahead and went sliding in the ditch.  See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!!

Also, the new dawg, Stella, is going to dog obedience lessons and last week my mom took her because Paul was up in Whitehorse or something.  He's back now and asked my mom if there was any homework because they get handouts and stuff.  I'm not making this up because it actually happened, but the dog chewed up the homework.  That's a fail.


mike said...

I don't think the excuse works if the dog chews her own homework.

Haha, maybe 4x4 guy had a load full of firewerks..

Keef said...

Maybe if the guy had a load of fireworks in his 4X4 he wouldn't have slid off the road. Without the extra weight in the back, the rear end is too light and the wheels get no traction. Putting a $650 crate of fireworks in the back could help, but $20 of sandbags would do the same thing.

But if you ever got lost and/or stranded you could shoot off the fireworks to alert rescuers to your location.

mike said...

Or you could shoot them at ANG.. except that it's the college now.
(reading comprehension 10/10)