Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kamloops makes good nachos

Last time I was back in Cranbrook I found a bag of nachos in the cupboard and starting eating them to find out they were pretty good.  It was a weird company, so I checked out the back of the bag to find out they were made by a company in Kamloops.

There are three different colour/flavours of nachos in the bag, the regular flour nacho, a red one made with chili powder and a green one made with jalapeño powder.  I'm not sure where my mom bought hers, but probably at Safeway because that's the only place she shops at.  I saw mine at Co-op a couple days ago and grabbed a bag.  Unfortunately, I paired them with a plain old jar of Co-op brand salsa that doesn't do the nachos justice.

Hola amigos, don't forget to visit

Here is their address, so Mike can go ask for some free samples.  Also, see if they have any merch (t-shirts!) with that sunglasses and sombero wearing chili pepper mascot.  That dude's got attitude!

After checking out the website it looks like they don't sell them anywhere near Cranbrook.  The closest place would be in Grand Forks.  Maybe my brother bought them because he was there working on an apartment building a while ago.  Too bad for him I ate the whole bag!


Cam said...

You only like them because of the mascot in a sombrero, just like Old Dutch Mexican Chili chips:

Keef said...

Looking at the Old Dutch sombrero dude, I always imagined that band around his neck is actually a bandoleer of bullets because he's a bad ass bandito. Don't tell me I'm the only one who sees it.

mike said...

Their store used to be just down the road from our house, actually right beside the hotel that Cam always gets put in.. Now they've moved but they still aren't that far away- I drive by it everyday on my 3 minute commute.

They used to have a super cool vw hippy bus painted black yellow red and green.. I guess it broke down because they don't have it anymore.