Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Resolution fail

Remember how back at New Year's I made a resolution to do two things; watch all of Arnold's early action films and to try and make more videos with Cody.  I can say without a doubt that I have completely failed at both of those.  I haven't even watched a single Arnold movie with the exception of Predator 3D and so far we've only made two videos.  The videos weren't that good, so I'm counting them as only one video.

I myself have a few ideas for videos that just never got around to getting made and I'm sure Cody has lot of ideas too.  I've probably came up with ideas for videos and then totally forgot about them.  Here are the titles of some of my as of yet unrealized ideas that I can actually remember.

  • Dollar Store Avengers
  • Gun Safety
  • Vader?  Darth Vader??
  • Star Wars mashup
  • Dork Souls II
  • Push the Button
  • Predator III
Damn, I thought I had more than that.  The "Push the Button" video is the old one that Willie and I tried to shoot, but then screwed up while filming.  You know the one, I think that it deserves another chance.  I'm not saying it'll be great, quite the opposite actually, but I just want to try it again.  Back to Gyro Park!

I don't know if all of these will ever get made, I don't even know if any of them will get made, but I hope so.  I'll let you in on a little secret, two of the videos feature someone getting hit in the balls.  Excited yet?

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