Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I was out cruisin' last week and stopped in at this collectibles place I spotted to have a look around.   Since I went out my way to stop there I ended up buying a couple small things and when I was paying I spotted a box sitting on top of a glass display case.  A box that I must possess...

Guns are cool.

It didn't have price on it, so I asked the old lady working there about it.

Me: I'm scared to know how much that costs.
Old Lady: One hundred and fifty dollars.
Me: Gulp.
Me: But can I take of picture of it for free?
I pulled out my phone a took the picture.
Old Lady: Is that for your collection?
Me: It's so I can show my friends.
Me: If I find $150 on the street somewhere I'm coming straight here to buy that.
Old Lady: If you $150 on the street then let me know where you found it.
Me: Deal.

The best thing about that A-Team gun is that it's just a "gun", but many guns.   It has lots of attachments, so you can assemble it to best meet your needs.  Plus, it's got two types of ammo; darts and grenades.  The A-Team is so awesome their guns can shoot bullets or grenades.

It is almost one meter long!

No batteries required!

I totally want this gun, but I don't want to pay $150 for it because if I did I'd want to take it out the box and play around with it.  I checked eBay, but didn't see any for sale, but I did see a copy of the instructions for only $5.99, but unfortunately the shipping cost is $20.90.  Don't worry I just downloaded the picture of the instructions!

I love it when a gun comes together.


mike said...

I don't remember who had one of those but i do remember playing with one... Keith you have to go back!
Can't you sell some ad-space on your blog or something??

Keef said...

I don't I would generate very much ad revenue with only six regular readers.