Monday, March 31, 2014

The Movie Out Here

When it came out that Kokanee were making a movie and had a contest around it, it was guaranteed to suck.  Or was it?  Even though I don't even drink I still had to see the movie because I'm Canadian, from the Kootenays and watch bad movies all the time.  There are a couple different ways to watch it, first watch in the theatre when it was released or buy a case of Kokanee and get a free DVD.  I already said I don't drink, so I'm not buying a case of Kokanee, but I knew if I was patient enough the movie would turn up at the thrift store.  Turns out I didn't have to wait long because last week I picked up the DVD which was still sealed at the thrift store for $3.   Cody and I watched it Saturday night because we are losers with no friends, here are my thoughts.

I had very low expectations for the movie, so I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be not too bad.  There wasn't much story, and what was there was pretty cliché, but at least it had some funny scenes.  How can a movie with THREE separate scenes of dudes getting hit in the balls not be funny?   There is a lot of swearing, sexual content , toilet humour and nudity, you know the good stuff.  I read a review from some critic that called the movie an "abomination" and while it's not exactly high art, it is entertaining and worth the $3 I paid for it.  Besides I've seen much worse!

Even though Kokanee is brewed in Creston, BC the movie takes place in Fernie.  It must've been cheaper to shoot there or Kokanee realized no one wants to see Creston.

Don't be fooled by the poster, there is no snow in the movie at all, well except for Snow.

The best scene in the movie!

Fresh & Glacier.  They are standing in the wrong places, it should be Glacier & Fresh.

On the plane to Fernie, BC because as you know Fernie has an international airport.

See it's Fernie!  The sign even says so, although I don't ever remember seeing that particular sign.

Finally an ass that doesn't belong to a fat guy.

The hottest chick in Fernie.

Cody thinks we went to school with these guys.  But we didn't go to school in Fernie!

This is the road from Fernie to Cranbrook.  It must be a back road.

And this is the Cranbrook liquor store.  Things sure have changed since last time I was back home in Cranbrook...last month.

Snack time.

After the A we finally get some T.

Marty McSorely, the famous gynaecologist.

The End.

When they do a remake/reboot of the movie they should do it all 80's comedy style.  The Sasquatch is stealing Kokanee  from campers in the park and it's up to the Ranger and Glacier Girls to try and stop him.  Like Yogi Bear, but beer instead of pinic baskets.  A evil corporation has plans to take over the park and shut down the Kokanee brewery, so the Ranger and Sasquatch team up to put a stop to them.  Lots of hijinks, pranks set to montages.  They can still keep the T&A and nut shots though.

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