Sunday, March 9, 2014


I am still around if you're wondering what's happening and why it's been pretty quiet around here the past few days.  I got back to Calgary on Wednesday then I've just been working since then.  I'm too lazy to go into detail about everything, but I'll just give you all the so-called highlights since my last post.

I went skiing with my mom.  Then I went with my mom and she got a new phone, an iPhone 5C.  Then we went and watched the Amy Woodland production of the Jungle Book.  It wasn't too bad, sometimes funny although not all intentional and it was nice and short.  Willie did the lights which really elevated the performances.  Then I met him down in the lobby after the show.  After that we went and caught the end of the hockey game, the Ice lost.

I drove back to Calgary.  The internet said there was a snow fall warning of 5 - 10 cm in the Crowsnest Pass, so I left to early to beat it.  Roads were fine, made it back in 4 hours.  I ate some Taco Bell.

Back to work.  They had free Valentines upstairs in the break room.

I took a box of Power Rangers Valentines.

I got home, then after dinner we watched Spaceballs.

More work.  That night we watched the 80's classic "Gleaming the Cube."

It's as gnarly as you remember it was.  Tony Hawk works at Pizza Hut.  Some guy has a Heather Thomas poster on his wall.  The DVD is from England.

Worked again.  I took a crab from work and brought it home.  He is rad.

Don't be fooled, it's only plastic.

Work cont.  I wrote this blog.

The end.

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