Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I'm just wondering if anyone out there has picked up any new albums lately?  Preferably good ones!  About a month ago I picked up a copy of Exclaim and while I was looking it through it I didn't know any of the bands in it except for a couple,  I am so out of touch with "the scene" it's sad.  I've never been cool, but now I just old and uncool.  I don't know what new stuff to buy anymore.

Most of the music I've been buying has been used stuff because it doesn't seem like anything good is coming out.  I usually end up buying used CDs from Melodyia because they are usually only $2 or $3.  You can get all sorts of stuff and I'm almost embarrassed to admit I bought a used copy of "Never Mind the Bullocks, Here's the Sex Pistols" there.  That's right, I never had a copy!  Here are some of my more recent finds.

I never had this one either!  I was driving around listening to it in my car when I realized it's censored, the swearing is removed.  Where they all like that?  Was there an explicit version?  Cam, did you have this?

I got this EP of singles and remixes and one of the remixes was by Adrock.

The Creepshow is a Canadian "pyschobilly" band and if you can't tell this CD is autographed by Sarah Sin, their former lead singer.

Maxim's solo album after leaving the Prodigy.  It was a good move on his part to go back to the Prodigy.

Autographed Andrew W.K. 7" single for Party Hard.  I do that everyday!  Party hard that is.

I regretted buying this 7" the second I walked out of the store.  At least I can always get a good laugh when I look these goofballs on the cover.

Yeah, boyyeee!!

Yep, still regretting it.


Cam said...

Yeah, I've got that Anthrax CD but mine has swears, so many swears! Well, you can still enjoy the instrumentals I guess.

Keef said...

Cam, does your CD have the "Explicit Lyrics" warning on it? I forgot about that thing, when did they stop putting it on CDs? Also, who buys the censored or "clean" version? It's like something your mom or grandma would get you from K-Mart making you the most uncool kid on the block/at school.

PS ~ I do have the clean version of the House of Pain debut, but I only recently acquired it, but only because I'm a superfan. Also, it's kinda funny. Kick some!