Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bacon makes everything better

A few weeks ago I was at Safeway and was walking by the bakery when I noticed they some new varieties of donuts out, to be precise "gourmet donuts".  They just take regular donuts and kick them up a notch.  There was one which had brownie chunks on it and drizzled in chocolate sauce, one was a chocolate dipped donut covered in mini M&Ms and another with pecans on it with various sauces, so it's like a Turtle.  I figured it was about time I gave one on these a try, but I went with none of the above.


If I ever eat a donut it's usually a maple dip variety or something with cinnamon in it.  If they ever come out with a maple dip cinnamon donut it will be my greatest dream come true.  Yes, ahead of money, success, love, etc.  Also, I spell it "donut" not "doughnut", so deal with it.


Cara said...

Not quite your dream come true, but even YOU could make this:

mike said...

Would you say these are Tastefully Unprecedented?

Also I think you need to order some of these (or buy them at BedBath&Beyond) to review;

Keef said...

Cara, that actually looks pretty awesome. Sounds like too much work for though.

Mike, are those from the makers of the Perfect Tortilla Pan set?