Saturday, April 5, 2014

New CD report

As a follow up to a previous post I did on CDs, here are a few of the new CDs I'm picked up.  As course none of them are actually "new", I just bought them used for a couple bucks each from Melodyia.

An awesome 80's comp from Much Music with a hidden track done 80's rap style called "Much Music Groove".  I think that's what it's called, but it's a hidden song, so it's not on the CD case or liner notes.  It's a shout out to Much Music and all of it's various shows at the time (1997).  It may have even been performed by Master T!  I'm too lazy to research it.

More 80's stuff!  I blindly bought this album because I liked the artwork.  I hadn't heard of them, but turns out I liked the CD.  

I just got this one and haven't even listened to it yet.  On a side note, does anyone watch Portlandia?

I already have this one, but there is nothing wrong with having a back up.  The b-sides on it are also included on the Pinkerton deluxe version which I also have.  There is nothing wrong with having a back up of your back up.

I've been driving around with a RUN-DMC seat cover in my car, but no actual RUN-DMC CD in my car.  Looks like this greatest hits album will be a permanent fixture inside my car as long as I have that seat cover.  Thank god I didn't get the Lil' Wayne seat cover!

Last time I also asked if anyone had gotten any new and/or cool music lately and then nobody responded.  You guys are so lame.

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