Monday, April 14, 2014


It hasn't been too exciting around here lately and I've been pretty lazy with my posts.  I'm just tired, so when I get time off I'm super extra lazy.  Also, it hasn't helped that I haven't done anything cool or exciting.  In the meantime I'll give you a quick run down of what I got.  Hint, it ain't much!

First up, go head on over to Video Junkie where my pal, William, has reviewed the movie, Expect No Mercy at my request.  I've been annoying him for a while to review other stuff *coughscoobydoopornparodycough* and he finally budged a little bit and reviewed this 90's straight to video martial arts film.  If you're interested I have a copy of the movie of DVD.

Second thing is the Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell is here to stay!   The funny thing is that the taco was inspired by Doritos and now they are making Doritos inspired by the taco, now THAT'S loco.

They are pretty good too.  I went through my bag pretty quickly.  I plan on buying another bag soon and that's a pretty solid endorsement from me.  Don't wait too long though, they're limited time only.

I bought this chocolate beverage from Dollarama only because it claims to have a "milky taste".   Back when I got my mom to get me some Yoo-Hoo from the States because it was also a chocolate I was disappointed after trying it.  It tasted chocolately, but it didn't taste good.  Mini Moo actually tastes good, they really nailed the "milky taste".  I would drink it again!

So there you go, not one, not two, but three recommendations from me.

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