Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I drove back to Cranbrook today and I drive back to Calgary tomorrow.  That would make it my quickest trip ever.  I pretty much just came back to drop off Avery's birthday present and that was it.  I also got the oil changed on my car, so that was nice.  I had dinner and cake and then tomorrow it's back Calgary.  It might snow!

In my brief adventures around town this afternoon I spotted a few things that I wanted to let you guys in on, but now I can only remember two of them.  The first thing is these posters...

Should I or shouldn't I?

The second thing is that I stopped in at Pages and when I was leaving I saw a poster up for The Hanson Brothers!  They are playing at the Byng!  Where is the Byng?!  I sent Willie a text and told him he should go check it out and he said he was planning to.   The show is this Thursday and he's also going to try and score me a t-shirt and hopefully the remastered CD of Sudden Death.  I already got my money set aside.  Thanks dude!  I would've taken a picture of the poster, but I forgot my phone in the car.

That is all for now or until I remember what else I was going to put on here.  Next time you hear from me I'll be back in Calgary.


Cam said...

I see those posters are reasonably priced at $1 per cat, not a bad price. The Byng is the scuzzy bar in behind the clock tower, don't worry I'm sure Willie knows where it is.

Have a good trip back to Calgary!

Keef said...

Cam knows where the Byng is, the Byng = Cam's home away from home.