Sunday, April 27, 2014


This weekend is the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo and again it's a big deal.  So big in fact that io9 has an article about some of the cosplay at the con.  Okay, it's less article and more a bunch of pictures.  Take a look and see if you can spot professional cosplayer Jessia Nigri.  Her cup size is over 9000!!  I stole that last line from someone else's comments, I'll give you hint, it's related to Dragon Ball Z.

I said "it's a big deal", but not big enough to get me to go.  After the fiasco a couple years when the Star Trek: TNG guys were there I've kind of given up.  I mean they always bring out a few people I'd like to go see, but I'm not that motivated.  Lots of cool people there this year, here are my picks, Bruce Campbell, Anthony Daniels, Lance Hendricksen, George Romero, Micheal Rooker, J. Scott Campell, Kevin Eastman, Terry Dodson, Fiona Staples, and Alfonso Ribeiro!

Update: io9 must really like the Expo pics because they've done a second page of cosplay pictures.  They should've just stopped a Dark Helmet because it's the best.

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