Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I came home this afternoon and when I went to walk down to the bank I walked past our garbage bins on my way through the parking lot.  I saw four skateboards sitting beside the bins where people leave crap they don't want.  Usually, it is actually just garbage that people are too lazy to throw in the bins or it's too big to fit in the bins, but this this time it was skateboards!  I did my stuff at the bank, came home and went and threw out our garbage and since the skateboards were still there I took one.  The people next door moved out today and I just assumed the kid next door just left his old boards there.  If he didn't then I stole some kid's skateboard.

This looked to be the best one of the bunch.  One was all spray painted blue on the bottom, the other looked a little beat up, one I didn't even bother checking, I just grabbed this one because it looked okay.

After closer inspection the board has cracks under both trucks, but it's no big deal.  The trucks are Independent and in pretty good shape, with hardly any wear on them.  The wheels are okay too but the graphics on the outside are worn off, so I can't really tell what company they are.

Later on when Cody got home I told him to grab a board from himself, but he wasn't biting.   I was going to make him watch Gleaming the Cube again to pump him up, but the three boards were gone by after dinner time.  Cody said when he left for work this morning they had the moving van out front and the skateboards were laying in the neighbour's front walkway, so they must've been the kid's.  If not then some other kid learned a valuable lesson that if he values his stuff to not leave it laying around by the garbage bins.

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