Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Visually Unprecedented

Last night I watched a Japanese movie on Blu-ray that I ordered from Hong Kong.  The movie hasn't been released in North America yet, so I just ordered the HK version because their discs always have English subtitles.  In case you're wondering the movie was Space Pirate Captain Harlock.

The franchise has been around for a while I've never actually seen an episode of the TV show, watched a movie or read any of the manga.  Although, I was aware of it!  Last year it finally hit Japanese theatres in an new updated 3D CGI movie.   I guess making the movie was hard work or something because they list the making of specs of the movie right on box/sleeve.

Yes, it looks real pretty, so I guess all the hard work paid off.  The lasers are so pretty.  The movie was okay, it needed more lasers though.  I watched it in 3D, but watching a subtitled 3D movie kinda of detracts from the 3D because you are too busy reading subtitles than taking in 3D.  I'm sure it will come out in NA eventually, but I don't want to wait.  While the box of the box has the tech specs the front of the box had a quote from the James Cameron.

So does he like it or what?

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