Saturday, December 14, 2013


I've been driving around on an almost empty tank of gas for a few days now and since I had to do some driving around today I figured I'd better gas up.  I went over to the Petro Canada in Signal Hill and when I went to fill it up there was a note on the pump that they were all out of regular gas.  Yeah right, I'm sure they were "out" of regular leaving us no choice but to buy the higher priced premium gasolines.  And their plan worked because that is what I did.

I didn't have much choice as my car was already on fumes.  I should put some of the better gas in my sometimes as it probably deserves it.  It doesn't act up or cause any problems and it starts when it's -30C outside and I don't plug it in even though there is a plug in like five feet away.  Still premium gas here in Calgary is cheaper than what you chumps in BC pay for regular gas.  Ha ha!

When I went inside to pay for my gas I was also looking around for the Olympics glasses I saw on a TV ad the other day.  I found them!

I got one glass and I didn't even pay it because I just redeemed some of my Petro Points.  I remember back in 1988 when my dad still had the Petro Canada.   For years after that Olympic promotion we still had a cupboard full of those Olympic glasses in our basement.  If you washed those glasses in the dishwasher the gold on them fell off.

They had the new version of the red mittens and I got a pair of those too.  Again with my points!  I'm going to give them to my sister for Christmas.  I have enough Petro Canada points that I could get everyone in my family a pair of these mitts.  But I'm not going to.

But I will get myself a pair!

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