Friday, December 27, 2013


Today Cody came in from Moyie and we met up with Willie to hit up all the Cranbrook hot spots including Pages Book Emporium.  For some reason Willie was browsing the "Classics" literature section when he came across a copy of Animal Farm by George Orwell.  Willie said it had the same cover as the copies we had in school.  I don't ever remember reading it in school and if I did it probably was because I had to, not because I wanted to.  Hence, why I don't remember reading it because I forgot it as quick as I read it.

Willie was right when the book turned out to be from the Parkland school library.  Also, why is that pig so huge?  Is the book about giant mutant pigs?  Maybe I should've read it.

Can't make out the names of student who took out this book?  There is bigger version below.

MIKE OTTO?!  What a find, I mean, what are the chances of this?  Finding a book that Motto took out, and I can't really seeing him taking that many books out of the school library either, especially Animal Farm.  Willie actually got the book as one day it will be a big collector's item when Mike Otto gets famous for something...or infamous for something.  What I really want to know is if Mike actually read the book.  There weren't any pictures inside.


Cam said...

I'd say it looks more like an English class novel, and Mike had the book for the 90/91 year. I've seen Mike around Kelowna a few times since I've been here, he lives here too.

If I remember correctly, that whole book was a metaphor for being terrorized by giant grey pigs or something, so the cover is apt.

Keef said...

Cam, the next time you guys are hanging out and go for beers remember to ask him his thoughts on the book. I will just go watch the movie.