Monday, December 2, 2013

Comix P2

Here we go in the next chapter of stuff from my portfolio book.

Yes, Scott Pilgrim!  Got this at the Calgary Comic Expo '09 and the best part was that it was free.  Bryan Lee O'Malley was doing quickie free sketches, but there was a had to supply the paper.  Sounds like a deal to me.

A page of original Scott Pilgrim art from Volume 2 of the series, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.  I bought this page on the Sunday, the second day of the show, and even though I saw Bryan on the Saturday I had no idea he was selling comic art.  I noticed it on the second day when some guy was going through the pages.  I'm not sure why the guy was buying the art at all because the vibe I got was that he hadn't even read the books.  He was probably just collector jerk buying it because it will go up in value.  Anyway, the jerk bought the page I been eye balling and as he was leaving he mentioned he might come back to pick up another page.  That page he was going to maybe come back and get was the one I bought for myself.   HA!

On the second day day of the show I thought I might as well get another sketch from Bryan Lee O'Malley because they were free, but I didn't have any paper.  I asked Fiona Staples for a page of paper and she was nice enough to give me one.  Then I got a cat.

A sketch of the Thing by David Hahn obtained from the Calgary Red & White show 2008.  At the time David Hahn was drawing Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane and Marvel Adventure: Fantastic Four.  I'm not too sure what he has done lately, but did he draw the Suicide Girls mini series.  Yes, there were some boobs in it.

David Hahn Firestar model sheet for Spider-Man Love Mary Jane.

This a page of Spider-Man patches for Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane issue #16.  After the pages had been drawn I guess some poses or shots didn't work, or he wanted a different look, so David drew these to be scanned in and "patched" in over the original page.  I just like this page because it's got so much Spider-Man on it and in so many different poses.

Just some signed cards from David Hahn.  I spent the most money at his table.

A Spider-Man sketch by Todd Nauck from the same show as David Hahn.  Todd Nauck has done lots of stuff for both Marvel and DC, he even drew the Power Rangers Zeo comic which only made it to one issue.  He actually drew the first four issues, but the company publishing the comic lost the rights and it didn't make it past issue #1.

More Takeshi Miyazawa and a Mary Jane sketch.  I'm pretty sure I got this sketch at the inaugural Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.  Back then it wasn't very busy and was nice and spread out with lots of room.  Now it's totally huge and tickets sell out weeks before the show.

I'll leave you with another music poster, this time a album promo poster for The Aquabats!  I pre-ordered the CD online and the incentive was this poster signed by the band.  Super Rad!

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