Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dork ahoy!

I'm back in Calgary!  Yaahh??  Anyway, I pretty much did a whole lot of nothing when I was back in Cranbrook.  Then again I don't really feel the need to do anything anyway, so it all worked out pretty good.  I went skiing one day and it was crazy busy.  Willie, Cody and I went to Liquidation World which is probably closing sooner than later as the entire store is already 20% off.  And I watched some Captain Caveman.  If you like animated gifs I have a ton of ideas for Captain Caveman and I'm only halfway through the first disc!

While I was digging through some old photos looking for a picture from one of my birthdays past I found that old picture of me in front of the Christmas tree.  I also dug up a couple other pictures of lil' Keith, so feel free to laugh.

Rocking the Pac-man t-shirt in the McDonald's play area in Colville, Washington.  I think the most embarrassing thing about this picture to me is that I'm wearing sweat pants.

Coolest guy (n)ever!!  I don't need to tell you guys where this was taken, you can totally tell.  Also, I still manage to come off cooler than contemporary Keith.  *sigh*

I still haven't found the picture I was looking for in the first place.  I know it's there because I saw it within the last year or so.  It's there somewhere!  One day long after I've given up looking for it I'll find it.

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mike said...

Haha, Forest-Camo on a boat, Bad move.. Cool shades though.