Monday, December 16, 2013

Git er done!

In a fit of last minute shopping I ran around and impulse bought whatever I thought people might want or need.  In other words, mission accomplished!  I still need to get my sister something small, but that is no problem.  I only managed to buy myself a few things this year too.  I usually end up doing that just to make sure I get what I really want because if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

My sister said to get some craft thing for Avery, so I got him some Shrinky Dinks.  I also got him these because I wanted them!  I got them at Michael's and also saw some Makit & Bakit kits and almost bought the cat kit.

Another thing I wanted, but I got for Avery.  I actually wanted a Scooby-Doo one, but they were all out.   That's why I didn't get one for myself.

I did buy myself a pair of hobo gloves!

I think I should be asking Santa for a new rear wind shield wiper because I think mine is broken.

My car is a little bit dirty.  Santa can you wash it too?  Thanks.

Now comes the hard part of gift wrapping everything.  I've bought a few gift bags and a couple things I don't even plan on wrapping.  I'll just stick a bow on them or something.  I also have a few large boxes that are pretty big and too much of a pain to wrap, so I bought giant gift bags at Dollarma.  Basically, they're garbage bags with a Christmas print.  They are made out of the thinnest plastic material, so you can actually see through the bag without even trying too hard.  Made I should just actual black garbage bags?  I wonder if anyone will mind?


mike said...

D'oh, those rear wipers suck.. you can only get them from the d(st)ealership and they cost $50 or something.. You should just bunjy a sponge on there or something..

mike said...

Correct spelling of bunjy please?
verb; to attach half-hazardly by means of an elastic contraption you found on the road.