Sunday, December 1, 2013

Countdown aborted

It's December 1st and the countdown to Christmas has officially started.  An easy way to do this is with an advent calendar and better yet, a Star Wars advent calendar.  But sorry, I didn't get one.  I first saw one back at the start of October at Wal-Mart for $50, a regular Lego advent calendar goes for $40.  The extra $10 is for the Star Wars license.

Don't worry though as I'll probably just do what I did last year and wait until January and pick one up on the cheap.  Looking at the cover you get an idea of some of the kits in the set and since I saw a Biker Scout on there I'm pretty sold on it.  The exclusive figure this year is a Santa Jango Fett.  Other than I'm sure to be mostly disappointed with stuff from the newer movies as they already did a lot of cool stuff already.

It's good I don't have an advent calendar because it will just remind me the clocking is ticking down to Christmas and I'm totally screwed.  Usually, I've started my Christmas shopping by now or at least know what I'm going to get for gifts.  Other than a snuggie, this year I'm completely clueless and don't even know what to get anybody.  Although, I did see the Nerf Vulcan gun on sale at Toys'R'Us this week which is a possibility for Avery.  My sister will hate it, so I'll have to get one.

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