Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Hope everyone had a good Christmas, got lots of cool stuff and ate a bunch of turkey.  I did all that stuff!

I got more DVDs to add to my already too large collection, but at least they are awesome old school Hanna-Barbera classics!  Jabberjaw is basically a rip-off/clone of Scooby-Doo and I guess Captain Caveman is sort of the same and both series involve solving mysteries.

I got a new wiper for rear wind shield of my car.  I know it's pretty boring, but it is something I actually need unlike everything else I received.

Don't worry because I got socks!  Avery gave me some socks for Christmas and I guess he picked them out, wrapped them and everything.  The have this fundraiser for the high school (I think) where kids can go in and go with a high schooler and pick out something donated from businesses for pretty cheap prices.  Avery went and got me some socks.


Good job Avery! I will make sure to wear these next time I go to Taco Bell.

While I was out buying Christmas stuff this year I was at HMV and they had 25% off holiday decorations, so I bought this cool Oscar the Grouch tree ornament.

My only complaint is that he looks too happy!

Also, my Makit & Bakit Donald Duck ornament I made last year is still hanging in there.

If you guys got any cool stuff let me know!

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