Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nerf or nuthin'

I was off today and headed to Market Mall to do some browsing around in hopes of finding some Christmas presents.  While I was at Toys 'R Us I bought something for Avery that was a combination impulse buy and panicked "I have bought no Christmas gifts yet" buy.  I wrote about it already, threatening that I might get it, but I followed through and actually did it.

The Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25!  Yep, my sister is officially going to hate me, after this one the drum kit will seem like a good idea.

The guy on the back on the back of the box really seems to enjoy his Vulcan.  It even comes with ammo box for the belt of ammo and a tripod.  It also has three tactical rails for add ons.  The thing looks like a monster and needs 6 D batteries to operate in auto mode.  I'm beginning to wish I bought one for myself now.

I also got Avery an awesome Slimer t-shirt.

And a Super Mario Checkers set.  Instead of red and black, it's red and green (Luigi!), how clever!

It is a start, a small one, but at least I got a little done.  If worse comes to worse I can always get Dollarama gift cards.

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