Sunday, December 8, 2013

More arts

We are now at part three of various art stuff from my portfolio.  Please enjoy.

A Hulk print from artist Scott Hepburn that I picked up at the Calgary Comic Expo.  He must've thought I was a complete weirdo.  The bottom of the print is signed and numbered in pencil, but it's very faint.  I asked him if he could sign it again and he reluctantly did if only to get rid of me.

A Spider-Man and Mary Jane print by Craig Rousseau that I got at the Calgary Red & White show.  He was an artist on Marvel's Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.

Craig Rousseau Captain America sketch.

A Batman sketch from artist Norm Breyfogle, I also got this at a Red & White show.

A Wolverine sketch from artist Jacob Chabot from the Calgary Comic Expo.  He has some Marvel stuff, but also his own comic, The Mighty Skullboy Army.

I bought this Spider-Man sketch from Jacob Chabot that was in his art book.   I think he was happy I bought it because he's had it for three years.   Not sure why anyone wouldn't want to buy it, but that's cool I got a deal on it.

Another Chris Giarusso sketch to add to my collection.  I say another because I also have my Punisher sketch that I got him to do when he was offering commissions from this website.

A Die Hard print that I bought online from Society 6.

I bought this Ewoks animation cell on eBay.  It doesn't have the background, but the rough pencils are also included.  The girly ewok has a derpy look on her face.


Once again I'll end it with a music poster, this time a Superfriendz tour poster from 1996.  Fun fact, Murderecords just released a remastered double LP of Resuce Us From Boredom.  It has bonus tracks and is limited to just 500 copies, so be sure to go buy me one before it's too late!

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