Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wang Chun

This morning I was laying in bed half asleep and browsing the Google Play store on my phone because what else is a guy to do on a cold Sunday morning?  I stumbled upon a photo called called Catwang and downloaded it if only to get a blog post out of it and prove I have not forgot about the free photo app series!

Once you open the app you can choose between taking a picture with your camera or using a photo from you image gallery.  Once you choose a picture you can add various "stamps" to it to make it hip, sick, stupid cool or whatever the hipsters are saying these days.  The app is free and comes with three sets of stamps/effects, but if you want more sets then you'll have to pay 99 cents each.  It is pretty basic in what it does, but it is so over the top, I give it a thumbs up.  Here is what I made it using a Willie picture from Steele O'Neil.

Don't worry Cam, Cara and Mike because Catwang is also available in the Apple App Store.  The developer, 99centbrains, has a few other photo apps out like Snoop Lions Snoopify and Major Lazer's Lazergram.  The Major Lazer one has my interest.

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