Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Comic bewbs

Here is the third part of pictures, art and sketches from my portfolio.

I got this Spidey sketch at the Calgary Comic Expo, but I feel bad because now I can't even remember who I got it from!

Same goes for this Susan Storm/Invisible Woman print from the same show.

This is a page of X-Files test art that Calgary artist Claude St. Aubin did for Topps Comics in order to get a gig pencilling on their X-Files series.  I got it at the old crummy comic show back in '98?  I think I paid $25 or $30 for it which at the time seemed expensive, but now seems like a deal.

More Claude St. Aubin art.  This one is a page from the Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special.

Black Cat from Elton Ramahalo.  Shaddup!  I know Black Cat is supposed to be "sexy" or whatever, but I actually would've preferred it if her costume had been zipped up.  This crap gives comic books nerds the bad rep they deserve.

When William B. Davis came to Calgary on a speaking tour I went and saw him at the U of C and he signed my copy of that week's FFWD paper with him on the cover.  I also have a signed ticket stub from the show.  After the show he was signing stuff and I was right at the very back of the line.  Eventually I got near the front of the line and then the fire alarm went off and we all had to leave.  Davis was very nice about the whole thing saying everyone should evacuate the building and he would happy to sign and meet everyone once it was safe.  It was a false alarm and we got let back in and he signed my stuff.  I had already waited through a big line up and fire alarm, leaving was not an option.  You guys already know this because I've told you before.

The Gary Coleman "On the Right Track" autographed picture.  I just posted this recently but haven't gotten around to getting it framed.  I also haven't gotten around to building a fireplace with mantle to hang it over.

This is the Archie art that started the whole "I'm going to post all the pictures of stuff from my portfolio".  I got two pieces of original Archie art from a guy down at the Sunnyside flea market.  I've seen him down there a couple times, but I've never bought anything from him.

He did have some Archie pages, but I didn't want just a page because a single page without the rest of the story is a bit weird.  I decided to go with something more stand alone like the one page short above and the half page below.

The full page doesn't say who drew it, but it's from an issue of Reggie's Jokes #3 Dec.  I'm assuming it's old because on the back of the page it's stamped with an Archie copyright stamp of 1968.  Damn, I didn't think it was that old.  The Archie art has looked the same for so long, it's hard to tell.

This half page didn't have a date stamp, but it does have the people who worked on it and one of them is "Parent" who I'm assuming is Dan Parent.  He drew my other Archie piece I already posted!  The page is from Veronica's Summer Special #615.

I'm going to end it all with another music poster this time from the Weezer concert in Calgary back in 1997!

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