Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back in the YYC

Just letting everyone know I made it back to Calgary this afternoon.  It is still here, so there's that.  I was planning to write more, but now that I'm back I'm sick, so forget it.  I could feel myself coming down with something Tuesday night and it has slowly been worsening.   Tomorrow I have to be at work at 6am until 3pm, so I thought I should take it easy.

I got into town, bought some groceries, came home, went back out to pick up a package that came while I gone, then back home to unpack.  I chilled and watched an Indian, as in Bollywood, movie that was in the package I picked up.  Yes, there were three different song and dance numbers plus a fourth one during the end credits.  I only watched the first song, the second one I went to get a drink and cookie and I just fast forwarded through the third one.  That's why I like North American movies, they don't have singing and dancing...unless they're Spider-Man 3.  That was a bit weird.

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