Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hiking fail

So today we were supposed to go hiking to Goldrun Lake, but things didn't quite work out as planned.  My mom didn't realize the drive was so far and she didn't like that the road was so rough and we were going up so high.  We are in the mountains mom!

Anyway, I turned around and drove back down and parked at the Perry Creeks Falls trail head.  We went went down the trail until we got to this small sketchy section on the trail that required some climbing over a rock and my mom didn't want to do it.  I went on a bit further with Logan and Avery.  Avery got stung by a wasp, so we went back to my mom who also had got stung by a wasp and then we headed back to the truck.

We found this shiny blue shoe on the Perry Creek Falls trails.  Not exactly proper hiking footwear.  No sign of the other shoe or whoever it belonged to.  Either the bears or the wasps got them.

I wanted to at least looked like I had done something.

Goldrun Lake was a strikeout and so was Perry Creek Falls, but where could we go that had an easy drive and easy walk?

Marysville Falls!!

Yes, it was an easy drive and a walk, but that doesn't mean it didn't have it problems like when Avery had to go down on the rocks and slipped and almost fell in.

He actually slipped on the rocks in the bottom right corner of this picture which is behind where he is in the picture above.  His foot got wet and that's about it, but my mom wasn't too happy.  I told her not worry as he will be doing plenty more stupider things than that in the years to come.

We also saw this rubber duck in the river as we were walking back up.  There was actually another duck caught in a pool at the base of the falls along with a tennis ball and another orange ball.  Someone should throw like a soccer ball or something in there and see what happens.


mike said...

Last time we were at Perry Creek Falls you dislocated your shoulder..

Do you know where Meacham Creek falls are? actually better not, there is even less safety stuff and way slippier rocks.

Keef said...

Yeah, I've been to Meachen Creek Falls, so I knew not to go there. I picked Marysville Falls because it had a fence and rail, it would be relatively safe. Or so I thought. Good luck with your kids Mike!

I forgot to mention this but when we parked the Perry Creek Falls and were getting out some people drove up in a Lexus SUV and some old lady with leathery skin asked me were St. Mary's Lake was. I just told them just to keep driving because you can't miss it.

mike said...

Lol; 'drive right to the end of the road, then it's just over the mountain to your right..'

Keef said...

I guess their GPS must have been out or something. Better take it into the dealership.