Friday, September 13, 2013

Grandiose velo

In the same box as my hiking maps and literally right on top of my Parkland late slip was an old folded up page torn from a catalogue, a French catalogue.  The page is also from the Parkland era and I tore it out from some catalogue we had in French class when no one was looking.  Why would I want to tear a page from a French catalogue?  For the awesome bikes of course!

That bike is so awesome I still want one to this day.  It's got front and rear suspension, over size seat, mud deflectors, disc brakes, huge tires and five whole speeds!  It's like the Rolls Royce of bicycles.  It is a shame about the placement of the gear shift though.  Crotching yourself on your bike frame totally sucks, but throw in that gear shift and I betting some owners of this bike went on to be sterile.  Also, I bet this bike weighs a tonne.

This one is cool too, but as cool as the other one.  Looks like it's only got one gear, so no shifter getting in the way.  Still some front suspension going on.

The backside of the page has these bikes on it.  The cool kids got one of the motocross style bikes and the nerds got one of these bikes.  They still look cool, in a retro Euro way.

I no doubt stole this page as back then it was probably as we were transitioning from skateboarding to mountain biking and anything bike related was cool.  We could only dream of front and rear suspension back then, but luckily, we had more than five gears.


mike said...

I'm telling Ms McAlpine..

Keef said...

Mike, it should be okay, they probably upgraded the learning materials when they rebuilt Parkland. I sure hope they did.

Also, or is it "velo grandiose"?