Monday, September 16, 2013

Pickles will NEVER be the new monkey

I picked up Willie at his house at noon and we set off to explore the best Cranbrook has to offer.  Since it's Monday that means all the thrift stores are closed, so we had to go to the regular stores.  I had a bunch of books to take in to Pages, so we stopped there first and I got $49.75 in book credit, but I did have a little left over previously on my account.  I actually still have about half an apple box of books to take in.

I got this Psycho book for $6.00 and I'll probably just give it to Cody.

It's for when you don't want to watch the movie, but don't want to read the novelization.   I guess it's sort of like a comic book/graphic novel.  Just look at stills from the movie and read the dialogue below the pictures.   Since I still had a bunch of credit I made Willie get the hardcover uncut edition of Stephen King's The Stand which he had been eyeing.   It looked extremely thick.

After Pages we went to Wal-Mart because my sister gave me a gift card, so I had to go see what my money would get me.  I almost bought Final Destination 5 on 3D blu-ray, but instead I bought an 80's Corvette.

Hot Wheels has line of vehicles from various movies and television shows.  Check out the full list here.  The Mystery Machine that I got a few weeks ago is from this line.  I paid less for it at the flea market than I did for Faceman's Corvette at Wal-Mart.  The flea market rules!

After that we ate pretzel bacon cheeseburgers at Wendy's and after that I picked up my car the shop.  I had the oil changed, the brakes serviced and apparently the tire fixed.

That nail was stuck in my tire.  I don't regularly check my tires for nails because I just figured the tire would be flat if there was a nail in it.  I guess that's why I'm not a mechanic.

Willie wanted to go the LDub(Liquidation World) and we did and it seemed like we spent a lot of time just looking at everything in the entire store.  I bought some movies because I don't have enough and some Sour Patch Kids Extreme.  Willie bought a DVD and some snacks too.

If you wondering what to get Willie for his birthday or for Christmas this is it!  The limited edition Twilight Sparkle Ceramic Detailer which easily creates Edwards textured style in seconds.  That thing would make his beard look so amazing!

Those olives sure look good don't they?  I dared Willie to eat some, but that is as close as he would get.

When I dropped Willie off his guard deer was in the back yard again making sure everything was secure.

Then later on I got this...

Oh nice, someone actually remembered!

When I get back to Calgary I will just go into Taco Bell and hand this to the cashier and tell them to give me as many Doritos tacos I can get.  Thanks guys!

One last pic...


mike said...

I'm building Eli's car collection, he's at 28 right now- I told Sandy I would stop at 100- but I've run out of cool ones in the local stores.. I want to find the Magnum PI Sunagon!

and Happy Birthday Keith!

Keef said...

Mike, just go to the thrift store! They usually do grab bags with a bunch of different cars for about $2. They might not all be good, but it's a cheap way to get some cars. My 80's Corvette was $5!

Cody said...

The joke about Willie detailing his beard writes itself.

Cara said...

Happy Birthday Keith!