Thursday, September 26, 2013


This afternoon I stopped by Phoenix Comics and when I was leaving I spotted the freakin' Mystery Machine in the parking lot.  I literally did a double take and rubbed my eyes.  It's like real!

The parking lot at the back is pretty small, but I still didn't see it because it was way over on the edge against the fence and a couple other cars were parked blocking my view of it.  When I left those cars had gone, so it was in plain view.  I went over to take a picture when Martin (owner guy) came to go for lunch and I asked him who it belonged to it.  He said it was theirs and went on about some other stuff and I wasn't even listening, so I totally missed it.  I too focused on taking a picture of it and fixing the damn focus on my camera as some how it got messed up.  I will get the full story next time I go back.

I know there is rust on it and the roof isn't even painted and the front grill and bumper need some work, but it's still pretty cool.  I bet it would look was cooler if it had Lambo style scissor doors.

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