Monday, September 2, 2013

Gummy treats

I was at 7-11 the other day and grabbed a drink and some gummies.  I went in hoping to get my usual assortment of twenty different 5 cents gummies.  I usually get five gummies of four different types and my four main go to favs are dinosours, red hots, juice berries and cola bottles.  It was slim pickings at the gummy section at 7-11 that day as they had no dinosours or red hots and the only cola bottles they had were the coated ones.  Since they didn't have my usuals I thought I should try something different, so I end up getting some new types of gummies.

Why are they still inventing new types of gummies when they already perfected the gummy art with the sour alien head?  The sour alien head was too good and that was a problem.  It was so good you didn't want to try the other types of gummies, so they had to quit making it so the other varieties would sell.  It's not that the old ones and these new ones are bad, they're just not as good and that sucks we can't have alien heads.

You'll notice the three new types in the bag, but I also got some hot lips since red hots were unavailable.  I had to restrain myself from eating these ones until I got home to take the picture.  Once I took the picture they quickly disappeared.

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