Sunday, September 29, 2013

Who you gonna call?

We out and since it was Sunday that meant a trip to the Sunnyside flea market.  There wasn't a whole going on, it seemed there was less crap than usual, but I still found a couple things including some Hot Wheels for Mike/Eli.  At the Hot Wheels table I also got some old McDonald's Real Ghostbusters fast food bike toys.

I got two toys and they are both bike horns, the Ecto 1 siren is my favorite.

I like that you have to wind the siren to make it go.  It comes with the front half of Ecto 1 which covers the siren part once attached to your handle bars.  There is also a sticker sheet in the bag so you can apply the appropriate stickers to Ecto 1.

Yes, Slimer!

I actually have another Real Ghostbusters toy from this same McDonalds line somewhere back in Cranbrook and that is also still in the bag.  It is the P.K.E. water bottle.  Now I just need the Egon Spinner and I'll have the whole set.

After the flea market we could've gone home like we usually do, but instead we went down to Chinatown.  We parked up on the hill and walked down across Centre Street bridge.  OMG, exercise!

I got a couple movies from the "other" place in Dragon City Mall and got some candy at the candy store including some Mentos.  You know they aren't just regular Mentos.

These are the Japanese "Fresh Cola" flavour Mentos and they are awesome.

After that we went to Jing Jing Bakery where I got a hot dog bun, beef bun, mini Chocolate roll and a donut skewer.  The guy put everything into one little paper bag which turned into one little grease stained paper bag.  It too was awesome.

It's little balls of sugar donuts on a skewer.  Can't go wrong with that.

After that we were leaving and went to Go East, the other bootleg movie store where I bought the Donnie Yen Collection for only $9.

That is $9 for three discs with 25 movies on them which works out to a measly 36 cents per movie!  Quite the bargain even if the movies are VHS type quality.  They are still widescreen and subtitled, so it's all good.  I bought it pretty much for three movies anyway.

Cody loved Go East because they also have bootleg porn movie there and they aren't even hidden in the corner, but right when you walk in the store.  For some reason he couldn't get over that.  I liked that they had bootleg Blu-rays there, but I liked their cases.  They were the same size a regular Blu-ray case, but thinner and grey instead of blue.  On the top of the case it said "Official Blu-Ray Movie" like if you saw that you'd be like, "There is no way this a bootleg!"  I asked the lady if she had any spare cases because I just wanted some of those funny fake Blu-ray cases, but she had none.  Bummer.

We left Chinatown and got lunch at Mucho Burrito which was mucho delicious and then went to Safeway where I bought some Smarties...I mean Scaries.

Nestle has some Halloween themed chocolate bars as part of their Craveyard Collection.  It has the above Scaries, Scareo(Aero), Coffin Crisp(Coffee Crisp) and Kit Kat.  I don't know why the hell I didn't get Coffin Crisp because that name is awesome.  They were a bit lazy with Kit Kat as they didn't even change the name, they just put a black cat on the label.  I guess there was no way to top Coffin Crisp.

That's it!

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