Thursday, September 5, 2013


Good news!  My hair grew back and my thinning spot totally isn't as noticeable as before.  Bad news!  I got a hair cut today.  The Korean lady didn't cut it this time, Rob cut it and he does a better job.  Also, he cuts my hair in like five minutes.  That's nice because I'm a totally busy guy.  Yeah, busy buying potato chips!

In the small mini mall area as my barber is Sunterra Market which is a fancy grocery store.  It is pretty small inside, but they have some higher end stuff you won't find at the poor people grocery stores like Superstore or Safeway.  Their deli and all their prepared ready-to-eat foods are pretty awesome.  I went in to grab a sandwich and could've bought meals for the entire week.  It all looked so good.   While browsing around I found these weird chips I've never seen before.

Hand cooked?  How do you cook a potato with your hands?  Your hands would have to be incredibly hot to cook a potato.  Wouldn't an oven be easier?

I only bought them because of the weird flavour of worcestershire sauce and sundried tomato.  I thought it sounded pretty gross, but still I had to confirm that yes, they actually are gross.  Turns out they aren't actually as gross as I was expecting.  They tasted a bit like all dressed chips, but actually better.  Still overall they weren't amazing or anything.  I would eat them again, but I wouldn't buy them again.

The chips themselves are pretty small.  Yep, small potatoes.  The entire bag looks likes a bag of crumbs.  It's like they used those little nugget potatoes or something.  I'll stick with my Old Dutch which uses real potatoes and the chips are huge...until you get to the bottom of the bag and are left with potato shards.  Still those are bigger than Tyrrell's.  Sizes matters.


Cara said...

Large potatoes are difficult to cook with your hands.

mike said...

Hand cooked is for peasants, Hand grown is where the quality comes from..