Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Locos Tacos

I was watching TV the other night and right before I turned it off a commercial came on for Taco Bell and it was advertising the Doritos tacos.  I was all, "I don't want to watch this because we'll never get it."  Then I realized I was watched Global and the ad was for Taco Bell Canada.  YES!  According the ad Taco Bell Canada now has tacos with the Doritos Nacho Cheese shells, but it's only for a limited time.  There are only a million available, so I knew we had to get these before it was too late.  Tonight we set off for Taco Bell!

But we first we had some chores to do.  We finally dragged Murray's damn metal chest down into the basement because it's been sitting in the kitchen taking up room for over two months.  After that we loaded up my broken old TV which has been sitting in the living room since April.  It's not that we don't get stuff done, it's just we like to take out time doing it.  It's not a race you know.

After we dropped off the TV at the recycling depot at Best Buy we headed over to Taco Bell which is right near there.  Moving the chest and TV was a lot work, so we worked up an appetite.

Cody is looking pretty hyped for the Doritos Taco!

They have a combo where you get two Doritos tacos, the Doritos nachos supreme, which I wrote about not too long ago, plus a desert and a drink.  FYI, get the empanada for desert.

I actually watched the girl make Cody's Doritos nachos supreme and they just used those small lunch/snack/Halloween sized bags of Doritos.  They had a big box of the the little bags and she just popped open a bag of them and dumped them into the container and added the toppings.  It is that easy.

The taco come in a nifty cardboard taco cozy.

The taco wasn't actually too bad, it was better than a regular taco shell and actually tasted like Doritos.  I liked that it had the nacho cheese flavour, but wasn't all coated in orange dust like the actual nacho cheese Doritos.  This is a good thing.  I would eat one again, but I might have to wait a while first.  With only one million taco shells out there, but I'd better not wait too long.  Hopefully, when the nacho cheese tacos run out they will bring out the cool ranch tacos!

I kept one of my taco cozys and brought it home.  Now I can pretend I'm eating a Doritos taco when they are long gone.  Ah, the memories...

Back at home, Cody in the bathroom.  I think some of his enthusiasm has faded.

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