Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Guy

Did everyone enjoy the first day of fall?  I'm still a bit sick, so I just grabbed some groceries, did laundry and watched a couple movies.  I like fall because I like the cool weather.  It's not cold, just cool,  and that's a lot nicer than a 30C summer day.  

I've also been noticing something lately as I browse various websites and Tumblr pages is that Halloween is a pretty huge holiday for some people.  I was never really into it, but I'm getting the feeling it is bigger than Christmas for some people, mostly American people.  I "follow" Mummy Shark on Tumblr which is a sister site to Dinosaur Dracula and he started his Halloween countdown August 30th.  Check out his website for write ups on all things spooky from movies, decorations, Ghoul-Aid Kool-Aid and cereals.

While I'm not one to copy his traditions and his Halloween countdown has been going on for several years now, I will at least try to do something for this spooky season.  First up...Oreos!

I got these Halloween Oreos at Co-op this morning.  There is a witch picture on the cookie and the creme filling is orange coloured.  Don't worry though as it says right on the box "Orange coloured creme, same great taste."  I couldn't really taste the creme when I tried it as all I could taste was the cookie.  That is always why I eat double stuff Oreos, so I can actually taste the creme filling.  I'll have to eat a few more, but so far I'm not convinced.  They might end up in the bottom of the cupboard with the Birthday Oreos.

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