Thursday, September 12, 2013

On the road again

I'm in Cranbrook everybody!  I had planned on taking vacation back in August but couldn't because we were shorted handed at work and I got the responsibility of doing everything.  I was hoping to go then because my mom was also on vacation and the boys were on summer vacation.  Now I finally got my time off and everyone is at work or at school.

I loaded up the car and drove back this morning through the north route via Radium.  I was actually going to go the south way, but when I looked at the road report online there were two separate road construction areas around Sparwood and then another one by Elko and they had waits of up to twenty minutes.  I said forget it!  It wasn't very busy through and the park the weather was pretty awesome, so it was smooth sailing.

On the way down I stopped in Radium and got Subway at the Petro Can.  I was eating it at a picnic table in front of my car and this huge wasp kept bugging me.  I punched it and was surprised I didn't get stung.  I also bought a certain something from a certain gas station bathroom vending machine.  I know I haven't bought anything the past few trips much to Mike's dismay.  Luckily, I had a loonie in my pocket, so I bought myself a blog post topic.  Stay tuned!

Also, on the way back when I passed by the Invermere turn off I saw four guys pushing a flatbed truck through the drive thru at Tim Horton's.  I know gas is expensive around here, but that is just ridiculous.

I made it back and unpacked my junk and this time I even brought my laptop with me because I'll be home a week and I'd rather just have my computer than use the one here.  Plus if Logan is here he just plays Minecraft on the house computer.  I don't get that game.

No real plans yet.  Looks like Saturday has the possibility of a pancake breakfast, garage sales and the Farmer's Market.  My mom wants to take Logan and Avery hiking on Sunday.  I might be seeing Willie on Monday and/or Tuesday and/or Wednesday.  That is a lot of Willie, but I didn't see him the past few trips.  I will make my usual rounds and will be getting some routine maintenance done on the car while I am back.  I also have a copy of Jersey Shore Shark Attack that I need to get rid of.

Since my mom wants to go hiking I had to dig out my maps and hiking junk to find an easy hike for us and so far it's not looking too promising.  I am looking for suggestions.  In the box that contained all my hiking trail maps was also a bunch of insanely awesome incredible goodies.  I could do a couple posts just about stuff from that box, but I will spare you (some) of the gory details.  Since there has been nothing but a bunch of words so far I will at least leave you with a few pictures.

Yes, I really need to keep this.

A skateboard truck tool with a Tracker sticker on it which was a staple in my red G&S hip pack along with some band-aids and candles for waxing curbs.

Don't say I never accomplished anything.  Say I didn't accomplish anything of significance.


mike said...

Basic Prospecting! I forgot that, awesome..

You should do Lakit, or at least to the Cranbrook lookout in the community forest. I wouldn't recommend trying to find our geocache, that thing fell right off the map in 2004 wait... AHAHA;

Look how many people found it! I told you we should've thrown it way further into the bush..

Keef said...

In spring a couple years ago (it's on this blog somewhere) I took my dad, Logan and Avery up to the cache. There was still a bunch of snow up there and I was too lazy to dig it out, so we never actually "found" it.

Maybe we could do the Goldrun hike which is just up the road. The hike is shorter and easier than the Richmond Lake. We could even do the Richmond Lake hike again and this time I shall find the cache!