Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dogging it

I was going to write about how I bought the Japanese movie Dead Ball on DVD from the Hospital Auxiliary, saw Little Caesars pizzas for sale at the Salvation Army, saw a bunch of weirdos, and how some dude tried to rob the Scotia Bank.  Unfortunately, I am feeling lazy, so I will just post the following picture.

The Cellar had a garage sale out in the parking lot by the Safeway gas bar and I was so close to buying this hot dog holder dog.  If I had it I would have to eat more hot dogs just to make sure I get good use from it, but we cannot have that happening.   I did buy some magnets and a cassette tape and then walked around holding said magnets and cassette in the same hand in effect erasing the cassette tape.  My bad.

  1. It is Japanese
  2. It stars Tak Sakaguchi
  3. It is hilariously psychotic
  4. It is my new favourite movie

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