Sunday, June 30, 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

Update: Free stuff on the side of the road!

When I came home from work today I noticed some of the free stuff by the side of the road was gone.  The TV and the chair were both gone, the table was still there but someone had added a mesh bag of plastic beach toys.

After I took the picture of the awesome free beach toys I walked down this little pedestrian alley and at the end was a magpie just sitting on the ground.  I walked right up to it and didn't even move.  I figured it was hurt, maybe it flew into a neighboring house.  I took it's picture then it hopped away down the path.  I still had walk by it to get out and now it was bouncing around flapping it's wings and squawking.  It may have been hurt and couldn't fly, but it wasn't that hurt and was still noisy and annoying.  Wait...maybe it's got that deadly new strain of bird flu?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rock the vote!

There is a new comic book store here in town called Alpha Comics.  I haven't been there yet, but one of these days I'll get around to checking it out.  I was visiting their website and they had a contest to coincide with the release of Superman/Batman #1 from DC.  To enter the contest all you had to do was design your own cover to Superman/Batman #1 using the blank cover variant.   Marvel and DC will do variants with a blank white cover for big books, this way fans can get them done by artists of their choice at conventions and stuff.  Anyway, all the entries are posted on the Alpha Comics website and readers get vote and decide who wins.

I suggest you all go vote for Joey "2 Sheds" Gruszecki's spectacular cover.  Currently, he is way behind in ballots, so everybody and their grandmother's dog please go vote for Joey "2 Sheds"!  Voting ends July 10th, don't delay!


Cam wasn't lying about the Big Mac of Oreos!  I picked these up today at Co-op even though I still haven't finished my Birthday Cake Oreos.  The Triple Double looks way better.

For more crazy Oreo goodness head on over to Dinosaur Dracula and read about the Watermelon Oreo.  Yes, it's a real thing.  You may have heard about Dino Drac before as it's run by Matt who used to run X-Entertainment.  Dinosaur Dracula is his new blog and he is still writing about the same old crazy stuff like old toys, movies, and Oreos.  He must be rich to afford all the weird and awesome collectibles he has.  When I grow up I want to be as cool as him and have a blog just as neat.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Free stuff on the side of the road!

I was driving home after work today and took the usual back way when I spotted another free TV by the side of the road.  It was in the exact same spot as the last TV I took.  Although I was tempted all I took was a picture.

I would've taken the TV, but it's only an RCA, so that's a pass.  If it was a Sony, then I'd be all over it.  It does have the remote and comes with a table with chair if you need those too.

I took this picture a few weeks ago when I walked down to Co-op and went down the ghetto block.  A perfectly good couch just sitting there waiting for someone to take it home.  I would've taken it, but the green colour doesn't really go with our decor, the couch is too nice.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I was getting groceries a while ago and while walking down the canned pasta aisle I saw some SpaghettiOs and bought them because they were on sale, they actually had the "Franco American" logo on them and I probably haven't eaten them since I was ten.  I thought they were from "Franco American" in the US while here in Canada they are from Campbell's?  Anyway, I finally got around to eating them tonight.

Now I can easily wait another 27 years before eating them again.  Or longer.

Monday, June 24, 2013


I was getting some groceries this morning at Safeway and wanted to grab some Old Dutch Mexican Chili chips since I didn't get any the other day.  Then I noticed a new flavour from Old Dutch, Spicy Calzone!   They were actually not bad, but not spicy at all.  The tasted sorta pizza-ish, but I would buy these again.  That is as close to an endorsement as you'll get out of me.  Still this week at Safeway the normal potato chips are 5/$10 or $2 each, so I will getting some Mexican Chili chips before the sale ends.

The numberz

I thought this was cool.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


I'm pretty sure you guys don't live under a rock, so you know about the crazy flooding and stuff here in southern Alberta.  Cody and I are all good since we live in a higher area.  The thing is I didn't know the flooding was as bad as it was under Friday.  Thursday night I was looking online about it, but didn't think it was that bad.  Friday morning I went to work and was like, "It is only 8:30 am but the store is packed!  What is going on?"

The store was busier than Christmas and it was like all day long.  Since downtown was shut down a lot of people were shopping and some people were preparing the worst and buying essential groceries.  I think we sold out of bottled water just after 10 am.  It was pretty crazy.  Right before I went home there was a short lull, so I decided to grab a few groceries while I could.  I maganed to get the staples like milk, bread, yogurt and chips.

Make that PC Loads of Jalapeno Popper chips to be exact.  I wanted to get some Old Dutch Mexican Chili chips, but we didn't have any.  I got the PC Jalapeno Popper chips instead because I wanted something a little spicy.  I wondered how spicy they would be even though the bag says "Scorching" and has five peppers on it.  Five peppers out of what?  Ten?  One hundred?  Anyway, they are pretty hot, so the "scorching" label lives up to it's name.  I can only eat a few chips and that is it, I'm done, they are a bit too hot for me.  It also sucks because most of the chips are all broken into little bits.  Loads of Jalapeno Popper chip crumbs.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Show and tell

Here are the pictures from the Monsters University homework.  I will display them in the order I received them.  Mike's was actually first as I heard the notification sound on my phone this morning telling me I got an e-mail.  Mike was e-mailing his pictures in at 8:26 am, 7:26 am his time, and I'm still lying in bed.  What a keener.

Despite having different last names, Cam and Mike's dudes look pretty similar, but that makes sense since they are brothers.  Cam and Cara's characters have different last names because this is the prequel before they met and got married.  Continuity!  Thanks everybody.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Monsterously entertaining!

This Friday the new Disney/Pixar movie, Monsters University, is out.  Of course there are lots of promotions, toys and all that crap to get the kiddies pumped up.  If you don't want to pay for anything Monsters University related, no problem!  Just head over to the Monsters U website for plenty of free activities like a "Create-A-Monster" generator.

Of course I made my own monster version of myself or else what is the point of even writing this post.  Check him/me out below.

Once you are finished making your monster you can get a picture of it in full body, portrait or student ID images.  You can share it or download it like I did.  PS ~ It is a png file.

Anyway, I'm demanding you guys go make your own monster!  It is your homework, then send me a copy when you are done.  Thanks!

Monday, June 17, 2013


Today I had an appointment at a cardiology clinic here in town.  It was just an assessment based on my diabetes and what happened to my dad.  The good news is that my heart is totally 100% A-OK.  The bad news is that I had to get shaved.

Hey girls, try not to fall in love, okay?

I had to do some treadmill test and they hook you up to an EKG machine or something to take readings while you walk.  It starts off okay then in intervals it goes faster and the incline gets steeper.  I will tell you that while my heart is okay, I am still completely out of shape.  I only made it to the 11 minute mark and I probably could've pushed myself harder, but I'm lazy, so I said I was done.  I think my calves suffered the most, they were burning up.

In order to get the electrodes on my chest they had to shave it which they did with a cheap ass disposable razor.  It was dry shaved,  then had rubbing alcohol put on it and then the skin was lightly roughed up with a sandpaper like material. Sounds like Cam's Friday night!

Now my chest is all itchy and every time the stubble rubs against my shirt it itches even more.  I suppose I could just not wear a shirt at all.  Problem solved!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Here are the last few pictures from my mom's trip to Hong Kong.  I thought I had a couple more pictures from Macau, but I guess I forgot to e-mail them to myself.

You've already seen a picture from the top of Macau Tower, but here is the tower itself.

I scored some more magnets and these ones are really fancy because they're shiny.  My mom also got me a Macau t-shirt, but I don't think I could fit into it even though it's a XL.  Most shirts will stretch, but this one even though it's cotton does not have any give in any direction.  It's weird.

Back to Hong Kong and this a picture of a bunch of house on stilts in the water.

At the village on stilts my mom got me this good luck/good fortune cat.  I already have one these somewhere, but this one is cooler because it's directly from Hong Kong.  It's even luckier!  Of course since it's actually a Japanese thing, getting one from Japan would be max lucky.

Another night time shot from out in the Hong Kong harbour.

The giant Buddha statue on Lantau Island.

Lots of tourists and lots of stairs.

Well, my mom made it up to the Buddha.  If you want to see it explode then go watch Knock Off with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Rob Schneider.  That movie is so awesome!

More cool magnets and one with the giant Buddha.  I am definitely going to have to organize the fridge.

One last thing from Hong Kong and it is movies!  Don't we have HMV here in Canada?

Bullet in the Head?  Thanks mom!

You can't wrong with a classic like Bullet in the Head from John Woo.  It's nice I can finally upgrade from my old VCD.  I also got Stephen Chow's new movie, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons and the Japanese samurai flick, Ruroni Kenshin.  Ruroni Kenshin is a movie based on a manga(comic) that also spawned an anime.  It's supposed to be pretty good and I'm surprised it hasn't been picked up for a NA release despite being released through Warner Bros in Japan.

That's it!  As I said I thought there were a couple more pictures.  Oh well.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Purr Pals

Pretty much every night I watch a bit of the Kitten Rescue Cam because it's totally awesome.  The cats are funny and cute and it helps me relax after work.  The website now has a screen capture option which is kinda cool.   Although, there is a serious lag on my end as when I take a screen capture the image I get hasn't actually happened on my computer yet.  It sucks because if you are trying to take an image of what is happening on screen forget about it because it's already happened.  Anyway, after you take the image you can download it or share it via a number of options.

I took this picture when one of the kittens had climbed up on the sink and knocked down a roll of paper towel to make a mess/play with even though the room is full of toys.

When I first came across the webcam it was a mother cat and four kittens, since then four kittens have been adopted leaving the mom and one kitten.  They also introduced three other younger kittens since then and now they've recently put in two smaller kittens.  It's a lot of cute.

Dinner time!

I guess when there is no paper towel to play with, the litter box scoop with do.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I showed you guys some pictures from my mom's trip to Taiwan, now you get to see some pictures of the stuff she brought back for me from Taiwan.  She didn't do much shopping in Taiwan because she was just waiting until she got to Hong Kong.

Before she left my mom kept asking me what I wanted from Taiwan.  I didn't really want or need anything, so I just asked for a fridge magnet because you know I'm all about the fridge magnets.

I like this one, it is all nice and chunky.

Murray saw this Bruce Lee pad the one day the two of them went up to the mountains to the place with the E.T. statue, so my mom bought it for me.  Other than a Swatch watch catalog that is all the stuff my mom got me in Taiwan, but don't worry this isn't the end of the post as Murray sent a bunch home for me.

Murray sent back a bunch of stuff from his band including three CDs.  The one in the center that looks like it only had two songs numbered 1 & 3 is actually a split CD with The Ever So Friendlies, a band from Taichung in Taiwan.

Get your swag on!  A couple postcards, some stickers and button.  There is also a Windy City 4 t-shirt that is too small for me!   Thanks Murray!

And a fridge magnet!  I almost hate to say it, but think I'm getting too many magnets on my fridge.  I might have to start removing the lesser cool ones.  Don't worry, the chipmunk is definitely staying.

Murray also sent back a Guitar Wolf record for me which is pretty cool, it's the Japanese pressing.  He must've got when he saw them live in Seoul.  I went and listened to it while I was back because my record player is still sitting out.

It's autographed!  I listened to it, put it in a new plastic sleeve and filed away in a box, for safe keeping.

I've got a few more pictures from Hong Kong too.