Monday, July 25, 2016

Move it

I bet you think I haven't posted much lately because I've been busy getting ready to move.  Well surprise because I haven't although I really should be.  Cody said we could in to the new place on the 26th, so I was like "No problem", but then he tells me that we don't get until the 29th, so then I was like "That's not as good!"  I guess the people move out on the 25th, then the guy has to do some cleaning and repairs/fixes for us, so it's not all bad.  Oh well, it will all get done, it pretty much has to!

I have no problem with the actual moving of stuff, it's just the cleaning up this place after all the stuff is out.  Also, doing all the other stuff like changing addresses various places and changing over utilities is a real pain.  I went to the Canada Post website to set up mail forwarding just in case and it costs $56 for 4 months.  I don't want four months, I want like one month, maybe two, but you can only choose four months or twelve months.  I'm pretty sure I won't miss anything, but just to be safe I'll have to set it up I guess.  I mean I still haven't received my last Kellogg's spoon, so I gotta spend that $56 to make sure I get a free spoon.  Makes sense right?

I went and packed up some DVDs by putting the discs in my binders, so I don't have mountains of DVDs filling the house.  I think I have six binders full of DVDs and it bugs me that they aren't very organized.  I try to at least make sections of same type or genre of movie in binder.  I do have one binder of all Hong Kong movies, one of Thai/Korean/Japanese movies and a smaller binder of anime DVDs.  In the anime binder I found an old U.S. Manga Corps DVD for The Venus Wars.  I thought I had one, but if you remember I recently bought Venus Wars on Blu-ray, so no need for DVD anymore.  As I said the DVD is old, so it's not even anamorphic, plus it's kinda like watching a VHS tape, but that just makes it more nostalgic.  That being said it is available to anyone who wants, just let me know!  The cover sleeve is double sided, so I even put it in a clear case, so you can read both sides without having to remove it.

English with English subtitles??

Thursday, July 21, 2016

pew pew

Today was payday!  I am broke already!  Oh well, only two weeks until I get paid again.  I bought gas, food and put money aside for pay for the new place since we pay the rent plus damage deposit which is the same as one months rent.  Now I  know that you know I didn't spend all my money responsibly because that isn't like me at all.

I was Phoenix today because the new issue of Scooby Apocalypse came out and I had to get it and I ended up going home with something else extra as well.

Because you can never have too many DL-44's!  They had a bunch of "new" loose Star Wars toys and this blaster was by far the coolest, mostly because it looks authentic and is not orange or some dumb looking colour.

I asked Martin if it was legit or was a custom paint job.  He said he just bought a bunch of Star Wars stuff from a guy yesterday and he thought it was authentic.  I had my doubts though, but it didn't matter because it still looked cool and I was going to get it no matter what.

After some closer examination once I got home I deduced it was a custom paint job.  As you can see here the silver paint looks too sketchy for something mass produced and there is a little orange showing where the paint has been worn a bit.

There is more orange showing on the barrel of the gun.  I have no artistic skill at all, but I'd like to cover up the parts where the orange is starting to show through.

After doing some Google searches based on the manufacture date on the gun, this is what the gun originally looked like.  The custom paint job is one hell of an improvement.  They also produced a blue and orange version the same year in 2008 as well.

The gun is electronic, but sounds absolutely terrible.  It sounds nothing like the movie version, which shouldn't be too hard to replicate, so I don't know how they could mess it up so bad.  I'm thinking about just removing the batteries all together but there is some paint in one of there battery department screw heads, so I don't want to mess up the paint by removing the screw.

I think this marks at least my fourth DL-44 blaster pistol.  I have original 1978 one from Kenner/General Mills that is black and looks cool.  That was back when they made guns that looked like guns for kids.  The good old days!  I have a 1996 version that is unfortunately very orange.  I have this one from 2008 which I just got today and how could I forget my bad ass Nerf version.  The Nerf one doesn't look exactly like Han Solo's DL-44, but at least it shoots something.

A picture of what my very orange DL-44 looks like.  That's not actually my blaster, I just stole the picture from someone on the internet and I'm not even going to give them credit.  Muwhahahaha....

Monday, July 18, 2016

Boom Diggity

You like Pringles chips right?  Of course you do, everyone likes Pringles including me, so when I saw a can of Hot Dog Pringles I knew that eventually I'd be trying them for better or worse.  You think after the President's Choice Hot Dog chips I would've learned my lesson, but obviously not.  Pringles makes good chips, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

I saw a display of these at work and would walk by them a few times a day, so it was only a matter of time before I bought a tin.  Sunday when I left work it was pouring rain and not very busy so I bought a tin.  My first question was why the hot dog in the picture only had mustard on it, where is the ketchup?  Then I tasted the chips.

At first there is slight hot dog/all dressed chips taste which then leaves a mustard type after taste.  I know that doesn't sound very appetising, but they are a lot better than the PC hot dog chips.  I think I'll even finish the entire tin, but don't see myself buying them again.  If you want some better grab them quick because they're only around for a limited time only.  Files these under "Meh".

Who knew "Hot Diggity Dog" in English translated to simply "Hot Dog" in French?  That's a bit disappointing since "Hot Dog" doesn't even sound remotely French.  Where is the "chaud"?  That does mean "hot" or "warm" right?  I only took French until Grade 11 where I got a C- which is good enough to get a credit to graduate.  Since then the only French I learn is from food packaging.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

No early birds!

Here is the Kijiji link for my sister's garage sale, EPIC GARAGE SALE.  There is a link for a map in case you don't know exactly where you going.  The streets up there are confusing.  Just don't show up before 8am because if you do you will be charged double.  She forgot to mention machete in the list of items.  I put my old hiking/camping machete in there, but Avery told me I can't sell it because it's illegal.  Of course that was after he asked if he could have it.

When: Saturday July 16th
Where: 1005 17th St. South
Time: 8am - 2pm

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


...OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Dammit.  I checked out the tape I found and I'm totally bummed because Pyscho Killer Hermit Guy is not on the tape.  It has some Jeff and Steve snowboarding and some mountain biking on it.  Then some credits we made for said snowboard/mountain bike movie, one has Sam in the background, it's actually kind of cool.  After that is the original footage for Reefer Madness 2, then after that is some weird ski racing stuff that looks like it was recorded off TV.  I don't know who did it, but chances are they taped over Pyscho Killer Hermit Guy.  I don't ask for that much, but that was all I wanted.  Boo.

Anyway, I made it back after a long and rainy drive back.  The drive took a little longer than usual as there was a lot of traffic between Cranbrook and Radium.  Plus there is road construction between Grave Lake and Canal Flats which slowed things down.  The drive through the park was surprisingly quiet as I only saw two cards going my direction, but once I got on Hwy 1 that changed.

The good news is that the garage sale hasn't even happened yet and I'm already making money.  My sister sold some E.T. items to a friend for $3.00.  I also have some Coke, Sprite and 7-Up glasses that Julie put on Bid Wars and they are up to $8.00 already.  I was only going to sell them for 25 cents each, so more money is always a good thing.

On Tuesday I made a trip up to Kimberley to the store there, Olde Koots Vintage.  I was going to see if they were interested in some of the better stuff I have and while they do buy stuff, the two ladies who do the buying were off that day.  I took their card and this morning I called both the phone numbers on the card and nobody answered either phone.  That's a lot of help.  I put one box of collectables aside to take up there next time I'm home.  I had more "neat" glasses to go up there too, but they are all going in the garage sale and anything left over might go up there.

Anyway, its back to work tomorrow.  

Monday, July 11, 2016

Burgers, Tron and Star that order.

Today in Cranbrook the weather sucked!  It looked crappy, then the sun came out for a bit and it looked like it might be nice, but it was a lie.  It was mostly grey overcast casts skies with off and on rain.  Once in a while you could see some blue sky, but that was just a tease.

The weather didn't stop me and Cam from going to Triple O's for lunch.  I suggested either there or Arby's, so you know which one Cam picked.

I suggested Triple O's because I've never eaten there before and since it was Cranbrook options are limited, so I figured it was time to try it.  Cam hasn't eaten at that specific Cranbrook location, but he said he has it once in a while in Kelowna.  He might not go all the time, but I guess he goes often enough to know Tuesdays are Triple "O" Tuesday.  We went on Monday because Tuesdays are way too busy and we didn't want to have to deal with all that.

It was okay, I would try it again.  It's no Smashburger though, or Boardwalk, or Five Guys, or Fat Burger, or CB Burgers, but not bad.  I liked the fries, they were like thick cut fries, not like the tiny toothpick fries from Smashburger.

After eating burgers we had to go get some exercise because we like to keep in shape.   We don't like to keep in that good of shape because instead of walking down to TM Roberts school, we drove.  

I actually bought this Tron: Legacy frisbee way in back in 2010 when the movie was released.  I bought it that November or December at Toys R' Us and since it was winter and it was too cold to play frisbee so I just put it on a shelf to wait until spring.  It sat there for five and a half years until I found it while boxing things up and decided it finally give it a spin.

There is a frisbee in that picture, see it?

How about now?

It definitely does what it is supposed to, but it did take a while for Cam and I to warm up and get it going.  We were rocking that Tron disc pretty hard until we started to get lazy then things fell apart.  We had a good run of throws and catches for a few minutes anyway.  It would've been cooler if it had some LED lights in it to light up when you throw it.

Then I made Cam take a stupid picture.

I should get the full version of this printed out and all framed up, so Cara can put it beside the picture of him skateboarding.  It would be like a "Then" and "Now" comparison.  Still cool after all these years dude!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Star Wars: The Cereal Awakens

I posted of picture of some a Star Wars cereal from General Mills on my Instagram last week.  The picture was actually of Cody's cereal boxes, but I eventually got my own boxes.  I did not get the Finding Dory cereal.

There were two boxes, BB-8 and Kylo Ren, but hurry because it's a limited edition box.  I actually like the box design here, it's pretty simple and straightforward.  Even though I already own too much crap and am moving the end of the month I think I might be keeping these two boxes for know just because I like them so much.

The back of the box features corresponding character artwork.  The artwork is just recycled from when Post did their Star Wars cereal promotion.  At least General Mills actually made a Star Wars cereal instead of just just slapping "Star Wars" on a pre-existing product, but there still isn't a prize!

The art on the back of the box can be cut out to be used as a poster, but make sure you get help from from an adult.  Or at least use safety scissors with the rounded ends.

Here is picture from the box of the cereal and it has marshmallows in it!

The side of the box has a legend in order to help you identify the different marshmallows.  The lightsaber one looks like a Popsicle to me.  It also looks like R2-D2 has put on a little weight.

This is a picture of what the cereal looks like in real life.  The cereal is little X-Wings and Tie Fighters and the marshmallows all look like what they are supposed to with the exception of the BB-8 marshmallows.  The identification guide shows it as being a orange and white swirl marshmallow, but in reality its just orange, no swirl and no white.

The good thing about the Star Wars cereal is that it actually tastes good!  It's not Minions cereal good, but is definitely way better than Batman, Superman or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cereal.  I have two opened boxes of Batman and TMNT cereal at home that are just going to end in the garbage because I can't force myself to eat them.

I remember seeing pictures of this cereal online at the time of the release of The Force Awakens.  I did a quick Google search and General Mills released this cereal in the States like seven months before we eventually got here in Canada.  The good news is that our box art is better looking.  The US version had Darth Vader one on box and CGI angry Yoda on the other box.  General Mills wasn't done with Star Wars yet, they also released Star Wars make overs on their boxes of cereal and put Droid View toys inside.  To see the box art and the toys, go over here.  I dig that CTC box!

The most important thing to take away is that WE STILL NEED STAR WARS TOYS IN OUR STAR WARS CEREAL THO!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Whole lotta stuff...

I'm back in Gold Creek, BC everybody!  I left somewhat early this morning and made it back just after lunch this afternoon.  I probably should have checked the weather when before I left because when I got to Cranbrook it was cold and rainy and I didn't even pack a long sleeve shirt or socks.  I think it's supposed to get better.

Once I got home I got right to work digging through stuff...

This is the downstairs foyer after I gave up tonight.  I started out all gung ho and then reality set in and I was like, "Damn, this is a lot of junk."  Most of it is for the garage sale, although there are few boxes by the doorway that are staying.  In the morning we'll take a load down to my sister's for the garage to help clear some room.  I've also got a few select items I want to take up to Kimberley to a collectables place just off the Platzl to see if they buy stuff.  If they do I'll get more for them than I would at a garage sale.  I looked up the price of one item on eBay and it's going for around $80 to $100, so selling it for $2.00 at the garage sale would be stupid.

In some good news I found the missing 8mm camcorder tape that hopefully has original footage of Reefer Madness 2 and Pyscho Killer Hermit Guy on it.  I have to wait until I get back to Calgary to check the tape and hope Cody didn't pack the camcorder away yet.  Although, if it's on there it will probably be awhile before we get around to doing anything with it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tacky Tiki

This totally 70's tiki candle craft kit was once going to be a post here on my blog, but I kept putting it off and then decided it was too much hassle and left it to collect dust in my basement.  I unearthed it going through some things and now it's going in the garage sale.  It can collect dust in someone else's basement.

I had bought it years ago when I found all that other 1970's craft junk for cheap at Chinook Hobby West.  It's cool because it's a tiki that you get make it yourself.  The box says it's easy to make, just melt the wax and pour in the mold.  Wow, that is easy!  Melting wax sounds like it could be messy, very messy.  I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to melt it in a regular pot that you would normally cook food in.  Sounds like a trip to the thrift store for a one time use pot.  If anything does go wrong the results could be pretty disastrous, hot molten wax is something that should be treated with respect.  And I'm out all!

My Halloween lamp is going in the garage sale too.  Also, the hat goes with it, that is non-negotiable.   I told you this garage sale is going to be epic!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Garbage sale

Yikes, I just looked and it has been almost a week since my last post.  I was going to do something for Canada Day, but then I didn't really do anything for Canada Day.  I ate some pizza and played video games, so I guess I celebrate Canada Day almost every day.

Reality is I'm the most boring person on the planet and having been doing nothing exciting, but that is all about to change...I'm going back to Cranbrook!  Cam and Cara are also going and I'll be there at the same time.  I had been wanting to back so I can go through my mom's basement and dig out more junk for the garage sale.  I just asked for the same time off, so it all works out.  The best part is that Cam said he'd help me go through all my boxes!  What a pal.  After that I'm not sure what we'll do. I hear Cranbrook has not one, not two, but three vaping stores so we could check them out, but I bet we'll do something fun instead.

My sister told me that she's having the garage sale July 15th and 16th, so if you aren't going to be there then you better make sure you are because it will be killer!  I'll be bring back a few more things for it when I come back this Saturday.  I come back to Calgary on the 14th, so I don't actually have to deal with the hassle of having the garage sale, I'll just get the money.

This is one of my many awesome garage sale items!