Sunday, September 30, 2012

XXX Live webcam pussy play! XXX

As with every Saturday I was browsing the Caturday post and subsequent thread over at and found a link to a live kitten cam over on YouTube.  It has a mother cat, MilkMilk, and her four kittens.

They aren't always around, but when they are it's pretty entertaining.  I was watching this afternoon after I got home from work and it was an all out brawl.  They were playing and fighting all over the place.  The white one seems to be the craziest as it's usually him that is getting into trouble.  Last night the others were trying to sleep and he was jumping on the orange one and kicking him in the head.  Then when the mom was drinking water he was running under her and around her legs then attacking her tail.  Kittens are so easily entertained and I guess so am I.  If the embedded video doesn't work you can go to the YouTube page here:

I wonder if the post title will help bring in any new readers?  Having only a couple readers is a bit discouraging.  

Saturday, September 29, 2012


On Monday I went and got a haircut as I need what little hair I have left to be short because I don't have a comb.  Since I was going up to my usual place I thought I'd just go a little further up the road and hit up Crave and grab a cupcake.  Usually, I get cupcakes (yes, plural), a Crave-O-Licous and a Red Velvet Elvis.  This I time I stuck with the Crave-O-Licous, but got the special of the month as my other choice.

Framed because it's art.

September's special is the Apple Spice cupcake.  It seems more like muffin than a cupcake though.  I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but it did seem like it had too much icing on it.  It was still good, but as I said the actual "cake" part seemed more like a muffin than cake.  A bunch of icing on cake is fine, but it seems weird on something muffin like.

The funny part was that in front of me was an old lady asking if they sold muffins, but the girl said they only had cupcakes, so the lady left without buying anything.  So what if they don't have muffins, the cupcakes are awesome.  She could just scrape the icing off and then they'd be more like muffins.

I look forward to October's special which is pumpkin cupcakes.  Hey, October 1st is on Monday!  Dammit, they're closed on Mondays. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scateboarding Is Not a Crime.

Cam and Cara accepted my GifBoom challenge and Cam e-mailed me the results.

First up, a skateboarding banana?  Damn, that's impressive you guys had a special effects budget, although it must've been limited as the banana is looking pretty brown.  He must've bailed a few times.  As always Cara has to ruin the fun, but I like glasses old lady style.  Disapproving Cara could be the latest and greatest internet meme.  Somebody post this on 4chan or Reddit!  Good job guys you put animated gif and five minutes of work to shame.  I also would've been happy with a gif of Cam getting hit in the head or nuts with a soccer ball.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Seems like I've been slacking a bit with the free photo apps.  The tripod post wasn't really an "app" but it is photo related and I used the tripod again for this post.  It still worked despite not having the mystery spring.


I made this crappy animated gif with a free app called GifBoom.  It works, but the app layout is a bit weird and the gif making needs a few more options.  When you first start the app you see a bunch of gifs uploaded by GifBoom users and they all seem to be 14 years old.  Of course they can all add text and do crap I'm not sure how to do, but that's because I'm old and totally not cool.  You can register for login at GifBoom, but it is not required to create a picture.  You just record a short video and the program selects a bunch of stills from the video and you can add or remove what pictures you want.  Then you can view your gif and add or remove more pictures from the sequence if you like.  You can also adjust the speed, orientation or direction as in make it go forwards or backwards.  Once done you generate your gif and then you can can share it, save it to your gallery or upload it to Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.  The picture quality isn't the greatest but you are able to record with the outer or the inner camera.  But again it's free and it works.

Since after the Add-a-cat app Cam and Cara went out and made a Cam w/cat picture.  I challenge you guys to make an animated gif and it I hope it's better than mine.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let the photo ops continue

Check out this picture I took of myself with my cellphone.  You're probably all confused wondering how I managed to take a picture of myself with my cell phone without standing in front of the bathroom mirror like an idiot.  I'll tell you how; first up I'm not an idiot, the camera app on my phone has a timer setting and it also helps if you have a tripod.

They make cell phone tripods and you can get one for the low low price of $3.00 at your nearest A Buck or Two store.  It works, but just barely as it's not really designed for a phone as wide as mine.  In fact I had to take the protective cover off, so it would fit in the vice and the vice screw is like on it's last thread.  But, hey it worked!

The picture on the package shows an old flip style cell phone in the tripod.  I'm not sure why you'd bother to go to all the trouble of trying to take nice pictures with a phone like that.  What is the resolution of the camera on a phone like that, 1 MB?

Like a glove?

The $3.00 not only gets you the cell phone tripod, but also a sleek and sexy carrying case.  Although, it's a little too small for the tripod to fit inside.  And while I was trying to get the tripod inside the case a small spring popped out of somewhere and I can't figure out where it goes.  It seems to work without it, so I guess it wasn't too important.  If I ever use it again the tripod will probably suffer a catastrophic failure and destroy my phone.  I'm kinda surprised that didn't happen the first time.

If you want to take a picture of yourself then use a tripod and not a mirror.  That goes for cell phones and regular digital cameras.  Unless you are a chick taking naked pictures of yourself in front of your mirror then it's perfectly acceptable. Carry on.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Star Wars in cookie form

As posted earlier this spring I didn't get to the Calgary Comic Expo this year despite having a ticket.  Once I got there the ridiculous line up going out of the building and down the block scared me off.  Since it's now fall that means it's time for the other comic book show in town, the Red & White Calgary Comic & Toy Expo.  This one has been around a lot longer, but it's always been pretty small which is nice.  It is always on a Sunday and since I usually end up working on a Sunday I asked the day off a month in advance.  Then my parents told me they were coming up for my birthday.  But the comics!!  For some reason my parents thought it would be a good idea to bring Logan and Avery. So while my mom, dad and Avery went to Costco I took Logan and we checked out the comic show.

The show started at 10am and we got there just after that and there was a line to get in.  I've never had to wait in line to go to this show before, I've always just walked up and paid the admission.  The line moved pretty quickly and once we got in it was busy, but not crazy busy.  It was nice to see a lot of people there.  There seemed to be more hipster types mixed in though.  A few people were in costume including some people dressed as Gears (that's soldiers from Gears of War) and their costumes looked pretty nice.  We also saw Batman, the Joker, Catwoman, Black Widow, Darth Maul and a disturbing Darth Vader furry.  I was disappointed by the lack of Stormtroopers.

Lots of crap from toys, movies, the Star Wars Holiday special, funny/nerdy t-shirts, collectibles, food, and of course comics.  Funny thing is that I never even bought a single comic book.  Don't worry that doesn't mean I didn't buy anything.

River City Ransom rules!  There were not one, but two different tables of people selling these art things made from little plastic circles.  Logan got a Pokemon one from the one table and I bought Alex from the other table.  I liked mine because it is also a magnet and you know my fridge loves magnets.  I asked where is Ryan and they said they sold out.  The show had only been going an hour and they already sold out.  That was a bummer and it would look a lot cooler if I had the set of both dudes.  Still I'm guess I'm lucky as he was the last one.  You can't tell the size in the picture, but it's pretty big.

Alex is on my fridge, so you see how big he actually is.  They also had lot of NES inspired ones like a Fire Mario from Super Mario Bros complete with fireballs.  I wonder what this particular new craft is called and how hard it is?  Maybe I can make my own Ryan.

Remember these?  In a post I did this summer I talked about going to the Sunnyside flea market where some crazy guy was selling M.U.S.C.L.E figures in a bag marked $5 each.  Turns out that guy had a table of toys at the comic show and when I asked about the bag of Muscles they were actually $1 each not $5 which is a little more reasonable.  I guessed there had to be about 15 dudes in the bag, so I decided to splurge and get the whole bag.  Logan also got some Pokemon figure that was $3.  I told the guy I would take the bag of Muscles plus the Pokemon figure and then he tells me it would be $8.  Nice going on the math there buddy, but I'm not going to complain.  Later once I got home I counted the Muscles and there were 18 of them in that bag.

The lady that's always there with the homemade chocolate pops was back.  The first time I walked by her table she had the Vader and Chewie choco pops, but once I got some change and went back they were all sold out.  I got some Star Wars sugar cookies instead.

I'm not really a fan of sugar cookies, but these ones weren't that bad.  Maybe the awesomeness of Star Wars made them better.

I almost got a button that a picture of Fonzie on it with the words "Sit on it."  Maybe next year...

Thursday, September 13, 2012


 Because the first one wasn't good enough for Mike I tried a second one.  Believe it or not I took me three different programs to get the finished picture.  I'm sure there has to be an easier way to do it and it will probably look a lot better, but damned if I know how what it is.  I only know one way to do things and that would be the hard way.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012


During my trip back to Cranbrook last month Cam mentioned I should stop by Scarff HQ because there was something there for me.  I'm all about the free stuff, so of course I had to go see what was what.  Cam and Cara had sent back stuff for me from their trip Scotland and I was like "They had this stuff sitting around for a couple years and I'm just getting it now?"  No, they went back again and I'm just hearing about it now!

After getting my stuff I sent Cam a text message and thanked him for the gifts except the text never went through and came back as "FAILED".  I haven't sent many texts and this is the only one that has never gone through and I'm not sure why.  It must because Cam has either blocked my number or changed his phone number and not told me.  Typical Cam!  Since the text didn't go through I sent him an e-mail thanking him for the stuff.  I'm pretty sure he got it, but since he never replied (typical Cam!) I can't be 100% sure of it.  Anyway, if you guys are out there somewhere Cam and Cara, thank you.

I got two things and the first one is a big canvas bag.  It's like those reusable shopping bags except it's cool.  I always liked my Chicken on the Way bag, but this Ramones bag beats it easily in terms of quality, size and awesomeness.  It can easily hold a giant box of cereal and a SMG and still have lots of extra space for more stuff.

The second thing I got were some cool rubber drink coasters that look like 7" records.  They will help keep my 30 year old broken, scratched and scuffed coffee table looking like a 25 year old broken, scratched and scuffed coffee table.  Just like new!

A nutritious breakfast of Kraft Dinner and Hawaiian Punch!

The coasters will come in handy to keep the kitchen table looking a nice sparkling white.  I'll have to teach Cody how to use one.  Damn his coffee cup rings.

Thanks again guys!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

In the mood


Check out my cool new robot ring!  It's not just any robot ring, it's a robot MOOD ring.   Now you see what mood I'm in before asking me any favors.  It doesn't matter though because the answer will be "no"!

I'm wearing it on my pinky finger because even though it's adjustable it's pretty small and I'm not too sure about the "craftsmanship" of it.  I could bend it out because it's designed for that, but it might break or get messed up.  You can't expect a whole lot of quality for $2.95.  Although at that price I can afford to get one for every finger.  I'll be pimpin'!

When I bought it I also got the little piece of paper that tells you what colours correspond to the different moods.  So far I've only managed to get three different colours out of my ring; dark green/mixed emotions, blue/normal and purple/calm.  Wow!  What colour is indifferent?  I should have bought one for Cody and get him to play some XBox.  I wonder what the resulting colour would be from one of his spazztastic Call of Duty rages?  According to the colour guide there is no colour for "anger" though.  I suppose the closest one would be red/passion?  You can get angry and hate something with a passion.  The colour guide is kind of weak as it looks like they have the same shade for purple for three different moods or maybe I have purple colour blindness.  I'll put one on Cam (not in a gay way and not that there is anything wrong with that) and take him to Arby's and watch it turn brown aka FEAR.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Daily dose of Huh?

My life is pretty boring as I don't do too much and don't aspire to do anything.  I know that you already know that because you read my blog.  Here are a few things I  did today.

First TVs and now toilets.  I'm excited to see what turns up next.

Somebody just left a perfectly good toilet in the alley by the elementary school across from where we live.  Well, it used to be a good toilet until somebody spray painted it blue and broke the reservoir lid.  I don't understand why whoever left the toilet also left a roll of toilet paper.  Are they a package deal?

Pillowy soft.

What is kosher anyway?

Yep, that's a pickle alright and it's kosher!  I stopped by the Co-op on Macleod Trail and bought a few groceries.  I normally don't shop there and they have stuff the one I usually do shop at doesn't have.  I was thoroughly disgusted and intrigued by this pickle.  It's a pickle in a bag full of juice.  Ewww.  People actually buy these because they like them?  It doesn't expire until August 13, 2013 so I have plenty of time to work up the courage to try and eat it.  I'll admit it does make me feel strangely a little bit inadequate.  Wait, I'm not even Jewish, so am I even allowed to eat it?

Some prankster rearranged the letters on the Toys R Us sign.  Not bad, but they didn't have much to work with.  It still can't top the all time classic sign switch of Pines Trailer Court to Penis Trailer Court.  Legendary!  That's all the boring stuff I did before lunch.

Monday, September 3, 2012


I bet you keep thinking about the post I did about when I went to Nelson and the MacGuyver bag I mentioned.  I bet you are wondering things like, "There is such an awesome thing as a MacGuyver bag?", "I need a picture of said bag!" and "Why won't he tell me more?!".  Well, worry no longer as this is the official MacGuyver bag post.

Behold it's glory.

I almost bought this for Cody as a birthday gift.  It had some stains on it, but they just looked like water stains, but I wasn't going to spend $20 on it and find out they wouldn't come out.  "Here Cody, I bought you this stained MacGuyver bag, don't worry maybe they aren't bodily fluids. Enjoy!"  I know $20 might seem a little expensive for a bag, but it's made of canvas AND leather, it has freakin' MacGuyver embroided on it and it was full of old hats.  For some reason the bag was full of a bunch of old hats or caps as some people call them.  Unfortunately, none of them said MacGuyver on them.  The best part was that on the tag it read "McGivor $20".  What. The. Fudge.  How in the hell can you spell MacGuyver wrong when it's right on the front of the damn bag?  It boggles the mind.  McGivor?  I just...don't even...

Saturday, September 1, 2012