Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry X-mas Eve

I drove back to Cranbrook this morning.  I always say how boring the drive is and this time is no exception.  Each time I drive that road, it gets a little more boring and I hate it a little bit more.  Why can't they make a new road?  Anyway, there wasn't as much traffic as I was expecting which was nice and the roads were in good shape.  I drove the whole back without incident and then almost got into an accident soon as I got into Cranbrook because an amber light means just floor it before it turns red,  stupid redneck BC drivers.

I got home and unloaded all the presents from my car.  I had to get my mom to wrap Avery's drum set because it's too big for me.  I can barely wrap little boxes, so forget about one that big.  Later Logan and Avery came up and I went outside with Avery and we went GTing.  I brought a couple things(collectibles) home which I packed into my pile of boxes in the basement.  That will be another blog post later on.

Check back in a day or two to see all my Christmas swag.  My mom and sister kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas so I just told them all the movies, games and gizmos I was interested in.  No socks this year!

Nothing says Christmas like putting together a Gremlins puzzle!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Dec. 21st saw the release of the Bad Company 2: Vietnam DLC which takes the awesome BC2 multi-player experience and drops it in the Vietnam conflict.  You get five new maps as well as era authentic weapons(flamethrower!), vehicles, dialogue and music.  It's like the same, yet different.  I have to admit that Vietnam is harder than the regular BC2 multi-player just because the guns are so much crappier.  Since it's set back in Vietnam they stripped out all the fancy red dot and ACOG gun sights making it that much harder to see your enemies, all you get is iron sights unless you have a sniper rifle.  Weird thing is that snipers don't seem to be as annoying as in the regular BC2.

I usually play as the engineer because he gets a RPG as one of his "gadgets" and I like blowing things up, but your primary weapon is a machine pistol of either the M10, PPsh, or Uzi.  The M10 and Uzi have horrible accuracy and damage rates, but make up for it with high rates of fire.  With either of those two your enemy has to be almost in front of you for you to drop his ass.  If he's at any of kind of range you will be lucky to score any hits.  I've been using the PPsh since is has higher accuracy and damage stats.  It seems most guys who play this class use this gun.

I'm only kind of liking the maps though, they aren't as big as the regular BC2 maps.  The Phu Bai Valley sucks if you are defending and the other team has a good helicopter pilot because he will rain rockets down on you non-stop.  This is made even more annoying that there are no emplaced weapons like heavy machines guns or AA guns.  I'm pretty sure they still had those back in Vietnam.

If you are big Creedence Clearwater Revival then you will LOVE Bad Company 2: Vietnam because you will be hearing lots of Fortunate Son.  If you don't like them, well too bad because you will still be hearing lots of Fortunate Son.  It's pretty unavoidable as it starts playing right at the title screen.  Yeah??

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Holidayz

Hey, what's up?  I've been meaning to write something for a few days now, but I was busy and then I was sick.  I was so sick all I did was lie in bed for pretty much all of Wednesday.  I tried sitting up at around 7pm, but then I started sweating and nearly threw up, so I thought I'd better lie back down.  Anyway, I'm almost back to full health now.

Christmas is a week away and I'm officially finished my X-mas shopping.  I've already started wrapping my gifts and by "wrapping" I mean putting them in gifts bags.  I made a trip to Dollarama the other week and stocked up on gift bags.  I have a few presents that are too big for the gift bags, so I'm not sure what to do.  I could wrap them, but I suck at wrapping even small things, so the larger they are the harder they are to wrap.  I should just take the easiest way possible and spray paint the box red and/or green. 

Here are a couple of the "cool" gifts I got, but don't tell anyone or you'll ruin the surprise.  First up I bought Avery a drum set.  Yeah, my sister is going to hate me for it, but it doesn't matter because that's my job.  I'm supposed to buy my nephews crazy gifts that will get them or me into trouble.

My dad says it'll probably just end up at his place anyway.  I don't see what the big deal is because like it says on the box "Music Inspires Learning".  That's good right?  I also got Avery a matching shirt to wear while rocking out.

I know you all remember that Animal played the drums in Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

I also got my brother a boom box for his iPod which is just a speaker dock in the shape of an 80's style boom box.  I got it a Staples and while I've never heard of the brand I'm hoping it won't be too cheap.  I did find one video online of a guy who has one and he seemed pretty happy with it, he said the LEDs are awesome, but the handle is pretty crappy.  I will admit those LEDs did light up real pretty.

It is compatible with almost every iPod/iPhone out there, but does have other features too.  It has a aux jack, SD card slot and a USB slot on it.  It also has a FM/AM tuner and you can even record the radio, but I'm not sure why you would want to.

That's pretty much it, but thanks to Mike for helping me pick out a GPS for my dad.  The lame part is that after I finally bought it for him after checking several stores I saw a better model unit for a cheaper price.  Dammit!  Once you buy your gifts don't look for online, in stores or in flyers because you will find stuff you already bought for cheaper.  Stupid holidays!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I just read a story on Yahoo that Columbia House Canada is officially no more.   Everyone was at one time a member of Columbia House, mostly for their music.  It seemed awesome at first because you got a bunch of CDs for $1, but after that you were obligated to buy a certain number of over priced CDs in a certain time period.  Maybe it was a rip off, but it didn't seem like much of a rip off living in Cranbrook because they only place to get music was Top 40 and they were also totally over priced.  I think I was a member of Columbia House music two different times and when they first started doing DVDs I tried that too, but got out of it quickly.

The article blames the internet for their demise because why would you pay for stuff you can get it for free online.  A couple music stores here in town, Play and Megatunes, have both gone out of business and blamed it on online media.  Pretty much everyone buys music online today except for me because I'll old and stubborn.  If I pay money for something I like be able to see and hold what paid for.  What if you buy music or movies online and then your computer crashes and you lose that stuff, you can't get it back.  If you owned a hard copy  then you just rip back to your computer.  Records seems to be making a comeback, I'm just waiting for cassette tapes to come back.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm *not* lovin' it

I'm not a big fan of eating at McDonald's, but when I do it's either for breakfast or to get some McNuggets.  They've been pimping the McNuggets with festive holiday dipping sauces on TV, so I couldn't resist giving them a try.

As you can see there is a red cranberry sauce and a green apple sauce, but I'm not sure what green apples have to do with the holidays.

Yep, they are red and green alright.


But how do they taste?

In case you can't tell, NOT VERY GOOD!  The cranberry sauce is tolerable, but the green apple sauce looks and tastes the worst.  Dipping breaded fried chicken(y?) bits into fruit flavored sauce just isn't a good idea.  If they wanted to make a holiday themed dipping sauce why not do gravy?  Gravy is awesome and tastes good on anything.  I'd be eating that morning, noon and night!!  Avoid these gimmicky "festive" sauces and stick with a classic like the barbecue sauce.  You've been warned.

Monday, December 6, 2010

This morning I went downstairs to get some breakfast and when I looked out the window in the door I saw a wild animal right outside!  Okay, it wasn't like a bear or anything, but a scruffy orange cat that hangs around the complex we live in.

I'm not sure if he belongs to anyone, but if he's a stray he's the fattest stray cat I've ever seen.  He usually hangs around the area just relaxing, watching squirrels or getting in scraps with other local cats.  If somebody does own him then they should start taking better care of him.  The fur on his back is matted, dude needs some grooming.

I saw him one day on the walkway that goes around all the units and these kids ran up behind to catch him and just before they got to him he took off.  He got about ten feet in front of them and then started waking again.  The kids ran after him again and just before they caught him he took off again.  It was pretty funny and reminded of the gag where someone goes to get in a car and the car takes off and then stops and they try to get in again and the car takes off again.  The cat was doing this to these kids and it was pretty funny.  I guess he's part evil.

After I ate and got changed then went outside he was still sitting out there.  I think he was sitting there because in the morning the sun shines on the front of our unit, so he was on the window sill soaking it in.  He is friendly and you can pet him, but he still needs to be brushed.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Free shirt acquired!

My free t-shirt from Cheerios arrived today!  Again, the new shirts are to commerate the Men's hockey team winning gold last winter.  There are three different long sleeve shirts to choose from and I got the black one because black matches anything.

You can't see the design very well it's an outline of a hockey dude holding his stick in the in celebration.  The dude is made up signatures of all the players on the team.  The back of the shirt has the date of the game, the score and the Cheerios logo.  The shirt itself is nice and soft and feels nice, not all scratchy and cheap.  Not bad for being free.

It also came with a "map" that tells you which signatures belong to who, if you have trouble reading the scribbles.  There is also a coupon for $1 off some cereal.  I can use that $1 off to buy another box of cereal and get another free t-shirt.

I bet you didn't even notice, but in that picture I wasn't originally holding the hockey stick!  I drew it in with my mad Paint skills!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I got nuthin'

I was trying to think of something to write about for a post, but I'm coming up completely blank.  Luckily, I have this link saved for just such an occasion,  As it says in the URL it's a "how-to" guide on making your own stormtrooper helmet from two ordinary 4L milk jugs.  Now that is recycling!  I would make one, but I take them into the bottle depot and get 25 cents.  Plus I don't think it would actually fit on my fat head.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Old and busted

I hate to sound like a broken record(this will be funny later so reading), but I will just so I can use that joke.  Remember how I was talking about my Nirvana 7" that got broken?  Well, in other record news I got a Ramones related 7" single in the mail today.  I sorted though my collection of 45 records to put it away and came across my Nirvana 45s and I still have that Nirvana record.  Yes, it's broken, but I still keep it.  Why?  Why do I still keep ALF stickers?

Cue the broken record joke!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crap I got.

A recurring theme here on my blog is all the crap I've got.  Today I was looking through some of it because I forget what I have. 

I have this plastic tower of shelves that I had for a quite a while.  I don't really use for anything except to store stuff.  Once in a while I open a drawer to get something, but not that often.  Today I went through the bottom shelves were most of the "cool" stuff is stored.

ALF stickers!  Yeah, more stickers, but these are puffy and still sealed in the package.

I actually used to have one of the ET keychains when I was a kid, but I'm not sure what happened to it.  It has plastic cards with ET images on them.  I got this from a thrift store along with a second bonus ET keychain and a Garfield one of the same type.

Pokemon jam!  Elaine got this for me in the States.  When me and Copy moved from the basement suite into our new place my parents came to help and they brought Logan with them.  I let him go through some of my stuff and when he found this he wanted to eat some.  It's probably long expired, so I had to tell him he couldn't.

This was back when YTV had a music video show.  I wrote to "Mad-Dog" and commented on why was he always yelling and talking so loudly on air.  I mean it's on YTV so it's not like his viewers are old and hard of hearing.  I guess I hurt his feelings.  I also have a second postcard from Mad Dog for getting a request played on the air.  I requested Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz, this was right when it came out.  The lame part was the week after they played my request they started giving out free shirts to viewers who got their requests on the show.  So close!

Hey Cam, it's a Nissan!  It's sitting on a loonie for some reference, so you can see how small it is.

A Ronald McDonald comb and I think this may be the only comb I own.  I usually keep my hair short enough that it doesn't require combing.  But if I ever do it's reassuring to know I've got this.

Nothing says cool and impresses the girls like a Pac-Man velcro wallet.  I put my allowance in it.

I saved the best for last with my 70's Mego Spider-Man figure.  I bought him from Phoenix Comics way back when I first moved to Calgary.  He's my favorite Spider-Man collectible.

Those are only a few items from the bottom drawer.  There are still two drawers above it filled more stuff of varying degrees of cool.  More crap may be made displayed upon request.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Check out this eBay listing,   That is the exact same version that I have!  Technically, I have two copies of it, but one is broken.  I lent to Willie and after getting it back from him I was bringing inside the house and the record rolled right out of the sleeve on the pavement in the car port.  SMASH!  It totally sucked, but I ordered a new one.  The new one is near mint, never played and never smashed.  I will it keep it safe until one day when I need money for crack cocaine.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh snow!

We've finally gotten our first dose of winter here with snow and cold weather.   Of course everyone is whining and bitchin' about it, but it is winter so I'm not sure what they are expecting.  We got the cold and snow on Tuesday which started out as rain, then wet snow before the temperature dropped and it turned into a light but constant snow.  This laid down a nice layer of ice on the roads.  I watched the news on Tuesday night and there were something like 180 traffic accidents, just during the day.  I'm sure there were more during the rush hour home.  Wednesday we got more snow which was a little better because it actually gave your tires something to stick to on top of the ice.  Still when I watched news tonight there were only 160 accidents.  Great work guys!

We are getting more snow on Thursday which sucks because it's my day off.  I was hoping to go out and do stuff, but with the crappy roads it's just not worth it.  I'll probably just end up staying home.  I could do something constructive like clean my room or organize the basement, but I'll probably just end up playing video games or watching movies.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Now playing III

Here is my play list of all things fun I am watching, playing and listening to right now!

The past few days we've been watching 80's movies which started with the classic Coreys' movie License to Drive.  I guess this movie was made at their the height of their popularity before all the drug problems started.  It's still funny and has a hot teenaged Heather Graham as Mercedes, Haim's love interest.  What ever happened to her?

We followed that up with Tango & Cash, the Sly Stallone and Kurt Russel buddy action movie.  It's has always been a favorite of mine, I like Kurt Russel.  Russel's character has this hand gun that has a laser site on it, but the laser is almost bigger than the gun itself making it completely ridiculous and useless.  Ah, the 80's!

Then we watched Weekend at Bernie's which I hadn't watched forever.  It was still good, but for some reason I seem to remember more hijinks.  Must look for Weekend at Bernie's 2, voodoo!

Did I mention Scott Pilgrim Vs the World is out on DVD already?!  Well, it is.  I bought the Blu-Ray from Walmart because it came with a t-shirt.  These free t-shirts always seems to be size XL so I thought I was good, but turns out it was L.  It does still fit although a little snug, but the fabric is nice so it's good for sleeping in or wearing under another shirt.  I'm actually wearing it right now!

The Blu-Ray has crapload of extras on it.  Chris Murphy shows up to show you how to rock out.

Video Games
I bought Medal of Honor hoping it would be a return to it's former glory, instead it's very mediocre.  The multiplayer can be okay or insanely annoying.  I love getting repeatedly killed just as I spawn in my own base.  FYI, that was sarcasm.

I decided to give my Wii some love and got the "reimagined" Goldeneye.  I like the single player and have been messing around with the online multiplayer a bit.  I've been playing too much XBox because the Wii sure can look ugly by comparison.   It does have cool guns though.

This Tuesday I picked up the new COD game, Black Ops.  I'll admit that so far I'm not really impressed.  Maybe I'm burnt out on FPS games, but it's all been-there-done-that and you're just going through the paces.  I will never go online with this because I know how hardcore the COD fanboys are.  Plus I've been getting my ass kicked playing Combat Training which is exactly what it sounds like "training".  You can play matches against bots just get familiar with the gameplay, maps and weapons to sharpen your skills before going up against human players.   Not amount of training could prepare me though.

Cody got it too, but he hasn't even opened it yet because he is trying to 100% Halo Reach.  Speaking of Halo Reach, Cody bought this for me on my birthday.  We played it on release day on co-op and five minutes before the end of the game Cody got booted from the game.  I still haven't finished it or even picked it up since then.  Whatever.

I've picked up a few CDs lately, but still haven't found the time to listen to them all.  The biggest ones would be the Weezer Pinkerton deluxe edition.  It's a remastered version of the album plus b-sides, live tracks and a couple new songs.   It is good.

I also picked up the new Underworld CD.  Haven't heard much from these guys in a while, but I like their new album.  It also comes with a DVD, but the CD package lists it as being PAL.  I haven't tried it yet, but it's no biggie because my Philips DVD player will play anything from anywhere!

Nothing actually, but I should.  I have stacks (as in plural, more than one, in fact more than two) of comics sitting on my floor.  I just buy a couple a week and then they go into the piles. 

That is pretty much it because I don't feel like typing anymore.  I was going to go out today, but I'm sick and feeling lazier than usual.  I think I will go work on playing COD: Black Ops.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The old switcheroo

Oh hey look, Five Alive.  I could go for some of that.

Hey, wait a minute!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or treat

In preparation for Halloween I went all out and made treat bags this year.  I thought I did a pretty good job as they contained two Hersey's chocolate bars, a gummy body part, one chocolate "Monster Munny", a Maynard gummy bag, a bag of little Old Dutch chips and a bouncy ball.  Pretty sweet right?  Last year we had like twelve kids, so I made up twenty bags just in case.  Okay, the real reason I made twenty bags is because there were only twenty bags in the pack I bought at Dollarama.

Of course we only had like eight kids show up at our door.  The ones that came at least sounded excited because when I was handing out the treat bags I heard a couple kids say "Oh cool!".   As long as they are happy and will spare our placed from getting egged.  I have more left over treat bags then I was hoping for, but this just means my Christmas shopping is that much more closer to being done.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Which one is scarier?


Friday, October 29, 2010

Know whut I mean?

With Halloween only two night away I figured I should celebrate it properly by watching one of the truly great classic Halloween movies...Ernest Scared Stupid. 

I wanted to watch this for Halloween, but wasn't sure where I could find it.  I knew Cash Converters would have it because they always have crappy, I mean good movies like this.  I told Cody I wanted to go there to look for it and he was like, "Is that the one with the trolls?"  We got there and of course they had it, in fact they had a bunch of Ernest movies.  I also got Ernest Goes to Camp and Cody got Ernest Goes to Jail.  Bobby totally stole the show in Ernest Goes to Jail, I was disappointed by lack of good Bobby material in Scared Stupid.  Anyway, I when I went to pay for my movies the girl was scanning them in and she's like, "Oh, Ernest Scared Stupid!" and she tells me how she has a bunch of the Ernest movies, but not that one and asks, "Is that the one with the trolls?"  So, YES!, Ernest Scared Stupid is the one with the trolls.  The main troll blows up at the end therefore the movie is awesome.

Continuing with the Halloween movie marathon Saturday night is the Canadian premiere of the new Scooby-Doo live action movie, Curse of the Lake Monster, and on Sunday night is the Walking Dead on AMC.  I just hope to actually get to watch TV on Sunday night and not being interrupted by little kids begging for candy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


When I was back in Cranbrook I was looking in a box that had a bunch of my old photo albums.  I found a sticker album, but for some reason it didn't have that many stickers in it.  It had a few TMNT stickers and some fuzzy stickers in it.  Later as I was looking through a photo album I found that I had put a bunch of stickers in there instead.   I took a few pictures of various pages of stickers, so prepare for a fun filled trip back to the eighties!  Click the pictures to see a slightly larger size.

Bib Fortuna and R2-D2!  I like that Pac-man sticker because it's a bit sassy.  The sword sticker on the top is a He-Man sticker.  Also note the classic shiny name stickers.

Scratch and sniff!  After being behind the plastic film of the photo album pages for the past 15+ years the scratch and sniff stickers amazing still retain their smell.  I made Avery smell the pizza one and he said "Yuck."

O.J. is okay!

The little round stickers on the top are more scratch and sniff, but with some odd scents like "Pipe Tobacco" and "Tavern".    Doesn't seem quite right to make stickers for kids that smell like tobacco.  Ah, the good old days!  Before you say anything, those Strawberry Shortcake stickers I stole from my sister.

Dill pickle scratch and sniff!  I remember that ET sticker was one of my favorites.

There you have it!  While looking at the photo albums I also found an old school picture of Cam getting rad on his skateboard.  Gnarly!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It burns!

Everybody knows I'm pretty vain and always try to make myself look good.  I ran out of face scrub and was browsing the men's aisle for some more when I spotted this new stuff from Gillette.  It looked okay and the vial said it softens facial hair for a smoother shave.  Sounds good to me!

I was a little shocked to find that it warms the skin on contact.  Of course if I had bothered to fully read the package I would known that, but it was a surprise.  The warming sensation is immediate, but it fades almost as quickly which is kind of a bummer.

I've tried face washes before that a had a cooling sensation, so if this stuff was too warm for you, you could just put some cooling stuff on your face to counter it.  Then if it's too cool, put some of the thermal scrub on.  Or you could just skip all of that and mix the cooling face wash with the thermal scrub for the perfect temperature.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Same old story.

I didn't work today because there sorta was this comic "thing" going on.  I wouldn't call it a "show" or "con" because it's usually so small.  In past years they've always brought in guests which was cool, but this year the dude in charge had a heart attack or something so one of the guy's from Phoenix Comics was in charge.  They only had two local artists and all other tables were for dealers which means more dudes selling stuff.  I don't need any more stuff, but I still went.

Most of the stuff I bought is small and won't take up much room on shelves or in boxes.  The Star Wars stuff is for Logan's birthday coming up.  I got a couple video games and the funny thing is that one guy was selling the same Zelda game for $30, but I bought it a different table for $10.  The Blade of Steel still in the box was the best deal at $2.

I also picked up my usual homemade chocolate pops of Chewie, Oscar and Cookie Monster.  As I learned previously I will not leave them lying around for seven months before I eat them or else suffer the consequences.  The lady had also added decorative cookies this time.  She had some Star Wars ones, but I got a Domo cookie.

We didn't spend too much there, maybe an hour.  Cody only bought a Punisher figure which cost more than the admission fee.  I would've liked to see more artists, but it was still pretty busy in there so that is good for those guys.  Maybe next year.

Before we even went to the comic "thing" we stopped at the Sunnyside/Hillhurst community center where they have a flea market every Sunday.  Usually it's mostly crap that should be thrown in the dumpster by the back door, but they had a few good things there today.  For some reason there were a lot of guys selling records.  Cody bought a cool old Star Wars puzzle with Han and Chewie and I totally wasted my money on a Nintendo 64 for $40.

For my $40 I got the system, a controller and seven games.  Some of the games aren't bad like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Castlevania, THPS 2, Pokemon Stadium 2 and Excitebike 64.  I already gave it a try and it all works fine.  The console is in good shape, but had some sticker residue on it, but I have some stuff to take that off.  I remember how everybody raves about Goldeneye, but I was playing it today and good lord it looks awful.  It's almost as if I need to go out and buy a standard definition TV set now in hopes it won't look so awful.  The weird thing I think looks ugly, but have no problem with Contra or River City Ransom on the NES.  The N64 controller is so awkward I don't know how people used it, it feels so backwards.  I'm hoping Excitebike 64 will be cool.    I guess I should've just saved my $40 for the Goldeneye reboot on the Wii coming out Nov 9th.  I know it will look and control better.

Friday, October 15, 2010

More free cereal t-shirts!

Well not t-shirts of cereals, but t-shirts from cereals.  Last year I wrote about the free Cheerios Olympic t-shirt and now General Mills is back at it with three different Olympic shirts to commemorate our win in Men's Olympic hockey.  There are three different shirts each one a different colour and design on it.  The nice thing about these is that with winter coming (it snowed here today!) they are long sleeve.  I can't decided with one I want, I'll probably go with the black because I already have a red Olympic shirt.  Don't dilly dally because supplies are limited!  I'll help you out and post the link to the website.

I also bought this weird box of Saskatchewan Rough Riders 100th anniversary cereal called  Fantuz Flakes which is just a rip off of Flutie Flakes and is only available at Co-op.  I just bought it because it was funny looking.  The box says it "Second Edition" which means it worthless as a collectible.  You gotta get the first edition! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rhymin and Stealin

Going with my whole "I own too much crap" theme, I got another package in the mail today.  And man, it's a doozy.

A signed "She's On It" 7" record by the Beastie Boys!  I got this off eBay and never thought I actually win it because I didn't even bid that much, but in the end I got it for just a little over $25 and that included shipping and exchange, so not a bad deal.

It came from some dude in England who was also selling lots of other signed 7" records.  The sleeve as well as the record is signed because it was something they did for a radio station competition.  Just so you know a "competition" is what they call a contest in England.  Weird.

The record is in really nice shape, but the sleeve has a few creases and stuff, but hey who care it's signed by the freakin' Beastie Boys!  I should probably get framed to show it off all nice, but that would cost money.  Instead it will sit inside a box

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Monday everbody!  Monday is technically the holiday, but most normal people had their Thanksgiving dinner Sunday night.  Since I haven't been home for a Thanksgiving dinner in probably 7 or 8 years I "try" to have something turkey related on Thanksgiving like canned turkey, a Swanson Hungryman turkey dinner or last year when I actually cooked a turkey.   The turkey I did last year was good, but it was too much for just me to eat.  I paid $40 and ended up throwing a bunch out, so I decided to scale back this year.

A footlong turkey sub on whole wheat from Subway that I got toasted so it would be warm.   After eating it I re-named the holiday to No-Thanksgiving because it was awful.  I've never eaten anything so nasty from Subway in my life, but I guess that's what I get from changing from the usual, the Spicy Italian.

Oh, but I'm not done yet!  I made a packet of Stove Top and that thing in the bowl is a stick of turkey pepperoni.  Gotta keep on rolling with the turkey theme.  Stove Top is pretty good and so easy to make even I can't screw it up.

I like pumpkin pie, but decided to do something different when I bought these pumpkin donuts from Co-op.  Unfortunately, the sounded a lot better then they tasted because they have got to be the most blandest donuts I've ever eaten and they didn't really taste like pumpkin.  I know there is some powered sugar on the outside, but there is no sugar on the inside, it's like eaten a piece of bread.  Maybe if they had been glazed they would've been a little better.  Another disappointing Thanksgiving.

I worked the Sunday and got Monday off and spent it playing Pokemon and watching movies like Punisher: War Zone, The Tournament and Rage and Honor.  I'm still going through that pile of movies on the living room floor.  See ya next year!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I own a tremendous amount of crap

If you read this blog then you know I'm always posting about crap I bought or crap I want to buy.   If I didn't buy so much junk I could easily afford a fancy car, a mansion or I could retire to a tropical island.  I guess I just keep buying stuff to fill the empty void in my life.  Maybe I should get a kitten instead?

Anyway, my parent's told me Logan spent an entire week learning about Star Wars in school.  It's good to know they are finally teaching kids something useful because math is for losers.  Logan is all gung-ho for Star Wars now and since it's his birthday coming up I figured I would get him some DVDs since he doesn't have any of them at all.  I can the most bang for my buck at Cash Conveters so I went there.

I wanted to get him Episodes 4-6 because those are the only ones that actually matter, but unfortunately they didn't have those ones, so I was stuck getting Eps 1-3 plus the Clone Wars CGI movie.  Cash Converters was running a deal of buy 5 DVDs and get 5 free and since I already had four I just had to buy one more to get the next 5 for free.  That's great and all, but me and Cody just were there last Saturday where we already got 5 for 5, so now we literally have pile of DVDs on the living room floor.

Plus all the DVDs I bought else new and used.

Last night we watched Day of the Dead, not the Romero one, but the new one with Mena Suvari and Nick Cannon.  It was decent, but the CGI blood looked awful.  Tonight we watched Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol and it was truly terrible and I was angry for having watched it.  At least I know Ernest Goes To Camp won't let me down.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Oh yeah, I just shot that dude in the nuts!"

"You had the entire the day off work and I asked you clean to up the kitchen and it's still a mess?!"

"Can't you see I'm busy, I'll do it later!!"


"Dude, what the hell...MY LEG!!"


Doctors were able to successfully reattach the severed appendage with no permanent damage and the patient went on to lead a normal life.

"Booyah, nut shot bitch!!"

Still a mess...