Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cam Smash!

I was going to start with a big statement announcing that Cam and Cara are in Calgary, but that would be pretty pointless.  Cam and Cara make up two thirds of my readership so I'm pretty sure they know they are in Calgary and Mike is the other third and he probably knew before I did they were coming to Calgary.  Anyway...

I was going to show Cam all the cool places in Calgary, but since I don't know any I just drove him around a bit and showed him some of the places he's heard about on the blog.

Cam wanted to go a music store, so I took him to Long & McQuade where he bought a new pedal to rock out with.  After that we went to...

Bianca Amor's!!  He didn't buy anything, but I think that was just because he was overwhelmed by all the awesome deals.  The Beer Ants mug was calling his name while I had my eye on the dart/ball rifle. 

We also went to Phoenix Comics and the Inner Sleeve to look at music and stuff.   We had to stop by my place, so he got to see the flophouse that Cody and I call home.  I even showed Cam some blog topics that are still on my "to do" list.  Then we went for lunch.

To Smash Burger!  It was either this or Mucho Burrito and Cam chose Smash Burger.  Mucho Burrito is also awesome, I just haven't gotten around to writing about it yet.  Smash Burger received the Cam seal of approval.   I captured this picture as he was talking and with Cam you get one shot.  Make it count because if it doesn't turn out, it's all you get.  Cam took an even worse picture of me eating.  You can take all the pictures you want of me, but they'll all look bad, so might as well stop at one.

That's pretty much it.  Enjoy looking at pictures of yourself Cam!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I bought myself a new friend

I bought this rickety cardboard Stormtrooper stand-up at Phoenix Comics today.  He looks okay in this (bad) picture, but up close he's a little more battle damaged.  His cardboard rudder that holds him up is a little bendy and I'll have to do some work on it to make it a little more studier.  For as beat up as he is, there was no way I was going to leave the store without him.  Money...who needs it!

Saturday, August 23, 2014


My sister sent me a text on Friday saying that Target had Boo Berry cereal and was asking me if I wanted some because I had asked her to get me some if she saw some in the US.  I knew Boo Berry was back in stores along with Frankenberry and Count Chocula because I have the internet!  I didn't even know she went down to the US, so of course I said yes, then she said she would go look on her lunch break.  Wait, what?  Then it dawned on me that we have Target in Canada and I asked her if this was in Canada and she said yes.  She was still in Cranbrook.  So soon as my shift was over on Friday I went to Target which is conveniently located next to Superstore and got myself some Frankenberry.

This was the only monster related cereal they had, but I'll take whatever I can get.   It's available for a limited time only, probably at least until Halloween I'm guessing.

Pretty in pink!  Even though it's a Frankenstein themed cereal, they look like little pink ghosts.  There are marshmallows, but not too many.  The cereal smells nice, but tastes meh.

The back of the box announces "We're Back!", but only shows Frankenberry and Count Chocula meanwhile down in the States they also get Boo Berry.  Last year they also had Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute.  I think we are lucky to get any fun cereal up here.  Next, start putting prizes back in our cereals!

The back of the box has some monster cereal trivial and monster name generator.  I call "The Freaky Zombie Ghost" as my name.  How can a zombie be a ghost?  Does he still want to eat brains?  Ghost brains?

I didn't choose "Freaky Zombie Ghost" because those words are on the same line, it just happened to work out that way.  Yeah, that's it.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unnatural pairing

The other day Cara commented on my second set of pictures from my trip that it was National Potato Day and I said she should've eaten some cinnamon bun flavoured chips in celebration.  Well, I take it back because you should never eat cinnamon flavoured chips no matter what the occasion.

A while ago Lays ran their contest where you could submit a new chip flavour and the finalist would be voted on by the potato chip eating public.  The flavours are now out and are Bacon Poutine, Cinnamon Bun,  Wavy JalapeƱo Mac N' Cheese and Keetle Cooked Tzatiki.  I saw an ad on TV for these and was surprised to see Cinnamon Bun flavoured chips in there.  Of course I had to try it which turned out to be the worst mistake of my entire life.

They smell cinnamon-y which is nice, but they taste awful.  I ate about ten chips and then threw the bag in the garbage.  I usually force myself to eat stuff I don't like that much because I paid for it and don't want to waste it.  I almost finished that bag of hot dog chips once upon a time.  This time I couldn't do it, they were just that bad.

I know you can vote for your favourite at the Lays website, but how about letting us vote on the worst flavour?


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The third and final batch of pictures from my trip.

A beach on the start of the Cabot Trail.

Coming down the other side of the Cabot Trail.

If there was a cut out with a place to stick you head through, we were there!

Cannons at Louisburg.  When you visit the fort everyone is in period costume and stuff, they are all "French".  The English kicked their asses and deported them back to France on two separate occasions.  I was tempted to ask the guard at the front gate if I came back next week would the fort be under on English control.  If I ever go back I'll wear a t-shirt with an big English flag on the front.

You could walk around some trails at Louisburg where buildings used to be, but now all that's left are educational plaques.  You can go down to the water and stuff, but nobody was on the trails.  Suckers, it was cool.

Some strange "jelly" like creature in the water.

Boats in Baddeck.

The Bluenose II in Lunenburg.  It's the boat on the back of the dime!  It's under going some very lengthy and costly upgrades.

The lighthouse at Peggy's Cove.  It was all foggy that day even though in Lunenburg earlier, it was sunny!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Some more pictures from my trip.

A candy portrait of Justin Bieber.

Me and my heroes!

Miner Forty-Niner!

MacNeil House, the place in Cape Breton where we stayed that had the old school TV in it.  Looks cool on the outside, like it might be haunted.

The pipes, the pipes are calling...

The flimsiest fence/barrier I've ever seen to keep people from falling to their death.  Easily bypassed!

My mom took this picture of me and I had my eyes closed.  She took a second picture of me and I also had my eyes closed.   It didn't help the the sun was shining directly in my eyes.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Here are a few pictures from my trip.  There will be more to follow.

Overwhelmed by the colossal potato outside the Canadian Potato Museum.

Learning about potatoes.

The lighthouse at North Cape, PEI.

Cavendish Beach, PEI.

Self explanatory road sign in Skinner's Pond.

Tis the season!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I want all the magnets

Here are a couple pictures of the magnets I picked up on my trip.  I got eight in total, with two from PEI and the rest from Nova Scotia.

The first magnet I bought was the PEI lobster magnet/bottle opener.  I need something to open all my beers.  Of course, I got a Potato Museum magnet and it was the cheapest of all the magnets and it's the best.  It's not the best because it was the cheapest, it's the because it's off the freakin' Potato Museum!  I did see the Bluenose and we did go to Peggy's Cove, it was super foggy when we went, I thought it made it cooler.

Lastly, a pair of Louisbourg magnets and Nova Scotia magnets.  We are going to need a second fridge pretty soon.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sock it to me

As you are aware I AM BACK!  The trip was good, but it was too short.  I didn't have enough time to see everything and do all the stuff I wanted.  I took a few pictures, but that's another post.  I didn't buy too many souvenirs except for a bunch of fridge magnets, but again that's a post for another time.  I buy did some clothes though.

Awesome lobster socks.  Before you say I can wear these to work, forget it because these are too rad for work.  I also wanted to get a pair that had the Nova Scotia tartan on them, but I couldn't find my size.

A t-shirt.

Another t-shirt.

It's me!  It's a Keith clan crest in pewter I picked up at a shop along the Cabot Trail.  I have no idea what I'll do with it.  No big deal, 98% of the stuff I own I don't even use.

I didn't buy this on the trip, but I bought it for the trip and read it while I was gone.  It sucks because it ends on a total cliff hanger meaning I'll have to read the next book, Deadly Heat.  It's not out yet, but it when it comes out it will be hard cover meaning I'll have to wait even longer before it's out in paperback.

Now the bad news, I've got a summer cold!  I left my window wide open Friday night and even though I was cold I was too lazy to get out of bed to close it and now I'm paying the price.  My throat is super raw and dry.  I'm hoping it will get out my system quick, but I have feeling it won't.  Summer colds suck!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


A few posts ago I wrote about Cody recently finding a "lost" tape containing a bunch more Crapola footage including a secret video that I didn't want to mention until it was ready.  WELL, IT'S READY!!!!!!!!   It turned out pretty good in the end.  Cody really out did himself on the effects in this, he is nearing a SyFy level of digital effects.

I don't even remember filming this thing and I think I know why.  Cam totally steals the show in this, it was the part he was born to play.  You'll see a side/part of him you've never seen before, unless you're Cara.  Enjoy!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Made it

I'm back.  As I already mentioned the flight was delayed leaving Toronto, so I didn't get my place in Calgary until 9 pm.  And then I work Friday morning at 6 am.  That's all I'm writing for now.  Maybe if I have energy I can do something tomorrow night.  Maybe...