Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What awesome tastes like

Last Monday, the 23rd, was Cody's birthday.  I was in Cranbrook at the time so I wasn't able give him anything.  Unfortunately, for him I did all his birthday shopping in Cranbrook and at Kootenay Lake.   He got a bunch of crap like a Kootenay Ice shirt, the lemon grass ginger soap from Crawford Bay, some WWII fighter plane shirt that I got from the gas station in Balfour, and some other miscellaneous crap.  I also usually buy him a cake or ice cream cake too.  Since I came back I haven't haven't had time to get something good because I've been working.  This morning I only worked a half day, so after I was done I went to Crave and picked him up some cupcakes.

That one was for me.  They had all the usual flavors, but had one I've never seen before.  I'm not sure if it's new or a limited edition type thing, but I had to have it.  Turns out it's passion fruit and it's awesome.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Last Thursday we had the hottest day of the year so far when it actually got 30C and then today it was 14C.  It supposed to stay cold for the next few days, some place in the mountains actually got to -2C low last night.  I even put another blanket on my bed and I was still cold last night.  Since I left my slippers in Cranbrook I went to Wal-Mart to get some new ones.  They feel different since I'm still breaking them in.  Other than that not much new going on expect in the same meal I drank expired milk and had some microwavable chili.  It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but I survived once again proving the whole fighting fire with fire concept.

The new slippers in action.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Old school bitches!

I'm usually pretty good about remember to bring things back and forth when ever I go to Cranbrook.  I've forgotten to take stuff back to Cranbrook for storage purposes, but I've never forgotten anything when I came back to Calgary.  Until this trip!  I actually forgot a few things including a work shirt, my slippers, a Nirvana CD and my razor.   I miss my slippers the most as I'm pretty much wearing them all the time when I'm at home unless I'm sleeping or showering.  I'm going to have to go buy some new ones on my day off.

To balance out the stuff I forgot I brought triple the amount of junk back to Calgary.  Liquidation World had some cool and useless stuff that I bought anyway.  I got this big Monsters Vs Aliens Insectosaurus pillow that I put on the couch for extra comfort.  I also got some sweet pose-able Power Rangers zords including the original Mighty Morhpin' Mega Zord.

I picked up this handy dandy Game Boy carrying case from AABCO for $5.  It seems pretty hefty for a carrying case, it's more like a suitcase.  Check out the Game Boy Tetris cartridge on the bottom left for reference.  I need to start buying small stuff.  Maybe I should start stamp collecting?

The Man Without Fear!  No, it's not Ben Affleck, it's Daredevil.  I got this guy in a bag with some other toys for $1.50 from the Hospital Auxiliary.  I kept Daredevil and the other toys went in the garbage.  They sucked, I'm sorry.  Yes, he looks pretty worn, but that's what I like about him, he looks totally old school vintage.  Is he old school vintage?  I don't know.   There isn't a date stamped on him, only "Hong Kong".  I'll take a wild guess and say late 70's??

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back at'er

Made it back to Calgary Tuesday afternoon.  I went through north way through the park just for something different.  One of these trips I'd like to come home and find out that the Superstore burnt to the ground (or something similar) so I wouldn't have to go back to work.   No such luck.

Today being August 25th I downloaded the Scott Pilgrim Vs the World video game from XBox Live Arcade.  Me and Cody played 2 player and died on the Lucas Lee boss fight at the end of level 2.  We had it on the easiest setting and still couldn't beat level 2.  It is very River City Ransom which is a good thing.  Taking out guys earns you XP and coins. The coins you can spend on food, books and items in stores around the levels.  Some of  them are obvious and some are hidden.  Food and items can restore or boost your health, stats and or XP.  I read on a forum that it is a bit easier if you grind up your XP and stats.  There is even a book store called Flat Iron Books and I remember that being the name of one of the malls from RCR being Flat Iron Mall.  The game is pretty hard, but I should probably learn to use the other moves/techniques like block and evade instead of hammering on the attack buttons.  If only I had a Game Genie and could give myself infinite lives and a coin boost.

Coming soon pictures of some crap I got in Cranbrook.  Look forward to it.

Monday, August 23, 2010


 I got off to a slow start morning because my car was down at my dad's getting checked out.  The ABS light was on, but there wasn't anything wrong with the car, so they just replaced the sensor.  It still stops when I step on the brake, so that's good enough for me.

After lunch I stopped by the Scarff residence to see what was going on.  I had stopped by last time I was back in Cranbrook, but the place was deserted.  I was there for a couple hours and got all filled in on the goings on of Cam and Mike because they don't tell me anything and Lyne, but that's not important.  I saw the new trailer and Rod's new/old motorbike.  The bike looks pretty good, love that orange.  Mike, did you get to take it for a test drive over at Arrow Lake?

Then tonight me and Willie went to the 7pm showing of Scott Pilgrim Vs the World.  We both got the Toy Story 3 combos with the Toy Story 3 bucket.  I liked the movie, but as always the books were better.  It streamlined 6 books into two hours, so of course stuff is going to get cut out.  It does capture the spirit of the book and some of the dialog and scenes are straight out of the book.  I mean framing of the scenes with the camera look exactly like panels in the comic.  I wonder when it will be out on Blu-ray?  I totally forgot to ask Willie if he liked it.  I'm sure he loved it if he has any kind of taste at all.

Shiloh was in Trail helping a friend get ready for a baby and I'm beginning to wonder is this "Shiloh" actually exists because I have yet to met her. Anyway, Willie and Shiloh got another cat, an orange tabby.  I forgot to ask what his name is, but he's super cute and playful.  Willie was on the phone, so I was playing around with him.  Now I want a kitten.

I'll head back to Calgary after lunch on Tuesday.  I got to hit a few stores before I leave.  Today is Cody's birthday and I still need to get him some crap.  Too bad for him I'll have to get him a gift from Cranbrook.  Worst. Birthday. Ever.  I'll go visit the Hospital Aux and Liquidation World for a box of Hot Rods.  Hot Rods are so awesome and salty, who wouldn't love that?  Maybe I should pick up some extras for Christmas gifts.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lake time

I made it back from Kootenay Lake and I didn't even have to burn my book to make a fire.  I forgot my lighter, so I couldn't light it anyway.  We got there on Friday and didn't do much but hang around and take the boat out for a quick spin.  After dinner we took the over to Balfour to fill it up with gas and some ice cream, because they have better ice cream than the Crawford Bay side.  On the bulletin board they had a poster for the Balfour squawfish derby on Sept 5th.  Don't miss it!

On Saturday we took the boat over to Pilot Bay and we walked back on the trail around by Sawmill Bay.  I've always seen the trail head on the way to my parent's place, but haven't walked on it.  Pilot Bay had a lot of sail boats in it.

Looks like a nice beach right?  Wrong!  It isn't sand, it's sawdust.  I'll take a wild guess that it's called Sawmill Bay because at one time there was a sawmill there.  The one side bay is all saw dust and it's super spongy walking on.  It must be pretty deep too or else it would've blown or floated away by now and it's already been there a long time.  The trail around it is a nice trail, one steep section, but it's wide, not very long and easy walking.

Later that day we went to the Gray Creek Store and it is nowhere near as cool as I remember.  We also drove in Riondel and got bread at the store.  On the bulletin board there there was a notice about a lost kite.

On Sunday we walked up to the lighthouse.  The trail is right up behind my parent's place and it takes about 5 minutes to get there.  You can go inside and climb all the way to the top and go outside.

After the lighthouse me, my mom and my sister went into Crawford Bay because they have a "market" on Sundays.  It wasn't very big, but if you love home made soap, incense, hand made jewelry and chakra crystals then you will love it.  Some guy was there with home made organic bread and giving out free samples, so we got a loaf of rye bread.  It was a small loaf, but I swear it must weigh nearly ten pounds.  It's the heaviest loaf of bread I've ever seen, or carried.  You could beat someone into a coma with it.

Then we went and checked out a few artisans.  At the glass place they had really cool hand blown glasses that would be awesome for chocolate milk.  I checked the price and it was $48 for a single glass.  Excuse me...WHAT?!  I thought the pottery place might be cheaper so I went over there and they had these awesome cereal bowls for only $32.  HUH?!  I thought hippies were supposed to be non-materialistic so what's with all these crazy prices?  The girl's tangled/knotted hair at the pottery place looked like hadn't seen water let alone soap in about five years, so I know she's not spending all that money on fancy hair care products.  I felt I should get something so I just bought a bar of lemon grass ginger soap in the shape of Buddha and a ceramic peace sign fridge magnet. 

Crawford Bay also had a new school and it's pretty damn nice.  The inside is all timber framed and it's "green" too.  It collects and reuses rain water for stuff.  It has a cafeteria that does hot lunches, vegetarian of course.  It cost $12.7 million and they might have to close it now.  They are just figuring out that they might not have enough students.  Your tax dollars hard at work!

We came back Sunday afternoon and then I sat on the couch and watched Bandslam on Movie Channel.  I'm still sick, maybe one day I'll get over it.  I'm not sure what I'm doing on Monday, but Monday night Willie and I will be going to watch Scott Pilgrim Vs the World.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back in BC

I drove back to Cranbrook today for a few days of "vacation".  After I packed up my stuff and loaded up the car I was sweating and ready to go back to sleep.  It wasn't that hot in Calgary, but I just caught (another!) cold, so it was sickly sweat.  Sitting in the car for a four hour drive back to BC was that last thing I wanted to do.  I made it back despite a road full of morons and a bunch of road construction ranging the Crownest Pass all the way Fernie.

Since I've only been over to my parent's place at Kootenay a few times I sorta owed it to them to go over there.  We're going over Friday and then coming back on Sunday.  I was going to check out a few places before we left because I thought we go over on Friday afternoon after my dad finished work.  I asked him what the plan was.

Me: What time are we going over the the lake?
My dad: 8:30
Me: AM?
My dad: Yes.
Me: WHAT?!

For my time at Kootenay Lake I brought my Game Boy Micro AND my Nintendo DS, a bunch of DVDs and even a book.  I'm totally prepared!  See ya when I get back on Sunday.

Friday, August 13, 2010

More kittenz!!1!

Most stores like Zellers and Wal-Mart have the poster racks where you can flip through plastic displays of posters and the pick the rolled poster you want from shelving below.  At the Superstore we used to have this, but no more!  It all got thrown out today and all the left over posters got dropped in the lunch room for employees to take.  Most of them were lame Twilight posters with a few Wolverine, Transformers and hockey posters also in there.  They had a Toy Story aliens poster, but somebody snagged it before I could get there.  Cody happened to be there when the display was getting torn down and thrown out, so he grabbed a bunch of the display posters including this one.

At the top it says "Purr-fect Angel"

He grabbed the tackiest and cheeiest ones he could find.   He also got an iCarly one and one with puppies on it.  Cody kept the puppies and gave me the kitten poster.   

That picture is funny just because of the Chuck Norris poster in the background.  Chuck Norris + kittens = the most awesome combination known to man!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free promo stuff!

The hype train is full steam ahead with Scott Pilgrim Vs The World out in movie theaters on Friday.  This week has seen the release of the soundtrack and the video game to the PlayStation Network.  Apparently, there is other crap available like clothing, plushies, and vinyl figures and the game drops on XBLA on the 25th.  It got my MS points all ready!

This afternoon I went to Phoenix Comics and over on the Melodyia side of the store all CDs were 40% off, so I grabbed a couple.  When the guy was writing them up I noticed a pile of t-shirts on the counter and then noticed they were Scott Pilgrim shirts!  I asked him what was up with the shirts and he said I could help myself.  There were two different styles and I wanted the black one with the Sex Bob-omb band logo on it, but they looked suspiciously girly to me.  I mean the XL looked like a medium.  The guy was like, "They're just fitted", but I'm pretty sure they were for chicks.  I went with the red shirt(cuz it will fit) that looks just like the movie poster.  It has the art from the poster on the front and then on back it has the tag line, "An epic tale of epic epicness."  They also had free hats, but I don't like hats, so free red shirt it was!


I gotta work a lot right now, so I probably won't be able to see the movie until next week sometime.  This Monday I finish work at 12pm, but Cody wants to see The Expendables, so I will probably go see that.  I'm saving the best for last.  I will be going back to Cranbrook on the 19th and the plan is for me and Willie to catch it when I'm back, but it all depends on if the theatre actually gets the movie.  Don't let me down Cranbrook!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My phone can kick your phone's ass!

I was in Chinatown picking up some bootleg movies because you can't actually find legitimate DVDs in Chinatown anymore.  I can't help buying bootleg movies, it's my only choice!  Anyway, I stopped by the toy store in the other crappy mall and bought a couple toys.  I got Logan a Japanese Pikachu toy made by Tomy.  I got myself a Ketai Sosakan 7 toy by Bandai Japan.  Ketai Sosakan 7 is a Japanese TV show with cell phones that transform in robots and with their human counterparts they fight cyber criminals.  I'm pretty sure that what's it about, but I've never actually watched it.  I just stole that from the wiki page, but TV Nihon does have it to download.

 I got this dude just because he looks bad ass.  His name is Roku and he is Phone Braver 6.  

Japan has toys for everything from movies and TV shows to food.  Model sushi toys?  Most of the ones I've always bought are pretty much assembled already.  Some times you have to just have to snap a couple parts in place and that is it, and that is what I expected for my phone.  I was wrong.

Assembly required!!

The instructions were printed on the inside of the box.

Okay, I figured it is a kid's toy, so how hard could it be.  I just looks harder when it's all in pieces.


Yes, I did it!  That doesn't look very exciting because he's in phone mode.  I did finish it, but it doesn't mean I didn't have any trouble.  I snapped one of the shoulder joints in backwards and that damn thing wouldn't come off.  I bent part of the hinge when I forced it out...OH NO!  I put it back in the right way it all works fine, so it's mostly all good.

There he is in ass kicking phone mode.

When you finish putting together your phone braver you can enjoy a well earned treat included in the box, a single tablet of gum.

It is fruity flavored if makes a difference.

The store also had different phone bravers as well as a couple boost phones which are like accessories that attach to the phone bravers.  That is too much putting crap together though.  I'm tired.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Still kickin'

It is now 9pm on Tuesday night and it's been over a week since my last blog.  I did not go anywhere or do anything that really prevented me from writing something.  I got sick!  Yes, it is a lame excuse, but it is true.  I went all winter without getting a single cold and then in the middle of the summer I get sick.  It sucks.  When you get sick it slows down your metabolism and therefore makes you lazier, hence my lack of blog posts.  I'm on the mend now and since it's been so long I will entertain you with Cup-a-Soup!

When I sick I wanted something warm to drink to soothe my throat and make me feel better and I found a box of Lipton Cup-a-Soup in the back of my cupboard.  It sounded good, so I make up a cup and was surprised because it actually tasted good too.  I was looking at the soup packet while the water was boiling and on the packet it says "Drink me!  No spoon required".  Below that it has the instructions on making the soup and after you add water you supposed to stir it.  But is says no spoon required!  Am I supposed to stir it with a fork or knife?  Knives are for cutting, forks are for forking and spoons are for stirring.   I don't care what they say, you still need a spoon.

You still need a spoon dammit!

I also found a box of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Kraft Dinner in my cupboard.  It expired in 2008.  I will still keep it because it's a collector's item.   It is sitting beside the expired Scooby-Doo Kraft Dinner.  I don't really like Kraft Dinner.