Friday, October 28, 2016

Save the oceans

When I was in Cranbrook I found this pamphlet in the back of a drawer.  It was some old school assignment and I'm guessing it was for a science class.  Its from the Parkland days, so my memory is extremely fuzzy.  I probably did all the work though.

I totally traced that fish.  And the words.  

Its a photocopied pamphlet, so maybe we made more than one, but I have no idea why.

Nice work filling up an entire page with a tiny graph!

Since I don't remember writing it, what we were in or even what class it was for I certainly don't remember what grade we got.  I hope it was a good one, but probably not after seeing all the glaring spelling mistakes.  I guess there is a reason I ended up working at Superstore.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Est. 1979

I went outside yesterday afternoon for a walk up to the powerline.  The sun was out when I started, but then it disappeared behind the clouds.  I wanted to take some pictures and the sun would've helped.  I still took some bad pictures and I don't think the sun would've helped much anyway, so it didn't matter.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


It's October and getting close to Halloween.  Do you have have decorations up?  Get a pumpkin?  Buy candy for trick or treaters?  I have done none of that!  Surely, you've watched a few scary movies?  Unfortunately, I haven't even done that either!  I've got Final Destination and Night of the Creeps sitting in my pile of movies to watch, so I'll make sure to watch those soon.

There are some new scary movies coming out soon including a sequel to The Ring.  I liked the first Ring movie(I'm talking about the American remake here) and while I did watch The Ring 2, I didn't think it was as good as the first even though it was directed by Hideo Nakata, director of the original Ringu.  Now eleven years after The Ring 2 came out comes the third entry, Rings.

I'll wait and catch when it is released on home video.

Another really scary, and I mean scary movie out this October is Ouija: Origin of Evil.  Check it out!

This reminds me of the time Willie brought an Ouija board over Cam's, I can't remember why or what we were doing.  Anyway, he was too scared of it and wouldn't take it home, so he just left it.   We ended up taking it back to his house later on, but he brought it back to Cam's because it creeped him out.  If he was so scared of it, why did he have one in the first place?  Also, what ever happened it?  Is it still in the closet at Cam's parents place?  If so, can I have it?

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Yub nub

I was browsing the Google Play store on my phone and in the "New + Updated Games" section I saw an app called Star Wars Movie FX.  Hello, instant download!

The app is from Hasbro and it does two things, the Star Wars FX part and an operating remote control app for one of their new Rogue One toys.

Once in the video FX category you can choose from over fifty different FX, unfortunately they are all locked except for five.  The other videos can be unlocked using credits.  Credits can be earned by making videos, scanning Hasbro toys and by fulfilling missions aka achievements.  I have no problem with this except some achievements require you to own the remote control AT-ACT which I'm not even sure is available yet.  Making a video earns you 30 credits, but that doesn't seem much when the most expensive effect costs 9,100 credits to unlock.  You can "buy" credits by buying toys and scanning codes which are found inside the packaging.  I went to the Wal-Mart toy aisle today and was all ready to scan some QR codes, but then figured out that would be too easy as the codes are on the inside.  Someone should put scans of the codes online then we could all get them for free!

Since I only had five free FXs to choose from it was slim pickings.  The free ones are BB-8 Roll On, X-Wing Strafe, Stormtrooper Shot, Ion Cannon Blast, and R2-D2 Electro Shock.  I quickly threw a clip together and by that I mean I added music and extra "dialogue".   I probably over did it, but whatever.

The app is free, but it's going to take a lot money to buy toys to unlock FXs or a lot of grinding (making and deleting videos) to earn credits to buy the FXs.  Give it a try and make yours today!  Also, the second trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One is out, so have a look!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Yo Joe

I was down in the basement today digging out my Marvel Blu-rays and also pulling out some other discs I plan on rewatching.  After the Transformers talk the other day I pulled out my copy of G.I. Joe: The Movie when I came across it.  I wish it had some more special features, but it does have some classic Joe PSAs on it.

The opening sequence is totally badass and a real pump up, but after that it goes downhill.  I still like it, but I didn't care for the weird alien-ish Cobra-La characters and setting.

In the original version Duke was supposed to die, but the backlash from the Transformers movie had them change it.  In Duke's "death" scene after getting hit with a snake spear from Serpentor, they changed it to mention that he just went into a coma.  At the end of the movie, Doc can be heard over the radio saying Duke just woke up from his coma and that he's going to be okay.  YO JOE!

I love how when the Joes are testing the Broadcast Energy Transmitter(BET) in the snowy Himalayas, so Quick Kick has a parka on, but he is still barefoot!   

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Do or donut, there is no try.

Remember a while back I got some Korean snacks from Cody?  I said I was saving the donut one for later, well now is later!

Nice looking box, it makes those donuts look really good!  I'm a little confused about the picture on the bottom left hand side.  The big blue drop I guess is supposed to be water?  If a blue drop is water, then what is up with the red-ish drop over the hand?

The entire contents of the box and no donuts???!!!!  I quickly glanced at the back or of the box and saw you have to "make" something and I just assumed like a dummy it was the glaze for the donuts.  Turns out you have to make both the donuts and the glaze!  

Making the glaze is one thing, but having to make the donuts as well is way too much work for me especially when I can't read the Korean instructions.  Remember if something is too hard, then just give up.

I said I was saving the donut one for it's own post because it required.  Looks like it requires too much work for me.  I'm too lazy and want everything handed to me.  If anyone wants to try making this then let me know because it's yours.  You'll probably have to download a translator app or something or find someone who can read Korean.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Daily WTF

I was reading an entertainment news story online about how Warner Bros. is planning on making a cartoon series starring Japanese metal band, BABYMETAL.  In the comments there were haters and people looking forward to the show, I'd definitely watch it!  Some other people posted YouTube videos of other Japanese girl metal bands like BAND-MAID (who actually play their own instruments) and LADYBABY.  Ladybaby can't really be described, it has to be seen.  Check out the videos!